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Each of our essential oil extracts and blends are sourced with the highest quality ingredients possible. Explore the powerful benefits that can be unleashed from a few small drops.

Vísi’s proprietary extraction methods can be applied to most organic materials and are completely natural. Our state-of-the-art processes are much less harsh than traditional distillation or extraction methods. Vísi’s methods extract complete, full-spectrum oils containing all the source plant’s favorable components, including the heavier components not obtained in traditional distillation. Vísi’s oils are complete and holistic, just as mother nature intended.







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Why are our oils better than the rest?

Essential oils are made up of flavonoids, aromatics, and lighter terpenes that lack the desired beneficial heavy medicinal components that the educated consumer needs and wants.

Extraction methods with these oils are incomplete, inefficient, and expensive. Many methods, like steam distillation, yield low product-to-waste results and often only capture 1% of the original organic material. Distillation loses much of the valuable components, including all of the heavier compounds that are too heavy to pass through the process, these often contain the most medically beneficial compounds.

Vísi’s unique extraction process can yield up to 91% oil, with 9% insolubles (which are also valuable) and 0% waste compared to the traditional distillation processes, which regularly result in 94% waste and only 6% yield of the desired oil.


Diffuse a few drops of oil in a room to promote uplifting mood, reduce stress or anxiety, or set an ambiance.

Perfect to setting the mood for meditation, yoga, reading, sleeping, or any relaxing activity.

Note: check your diffuser’s manual to ensure the appropriate amount of drops.


Add a few drops of an oil to your favorite lotion or carrier oil. Jojoba oil or Coconut oil work the best to enhance the oil’s natural healing properties.

Note: Test small area of skin to make sure it does not get irritated.


Add drops of an oil to a bowl of hot water or a hot towel. Breathe in deeply.

Try only a few drops to control potency. Add more for a stronger smell.

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