our people shape our communityWe grow, learn and become better with every new customer and Partner!

Partners have an international opportunity backed by a business model that allows massive success due to the experience our team has internationally. Our owners and corporate staff have lived and worked overseas, understand different cultures and how to be successful.

welcome home

Every partner is considered family, we expect every partner to contribute and participate which allows us to grow and influence positive change in so many lives around the world.

opportunity to earn by sharing

Preferred Customer have access to incredible discounts on clean wellness products.

Partners are able to receive the deep discounts + earn commissions by sharing products they love & boost their earnings with digital money generating programs.


Our unique business model offers weekly earnings through commissions on your personal sales, commissions on the sales of your Partners and provides an opportunity to earn cash awards at every promotional level.

(See the Performance Plan below for more details.)

Social Trainings & Community

Extensive trainings on new-age marketing a.k.a Social Media!

The best content for viral growth, create compelling short form video content, training and demonstrations on how to grow your account, build a following, get new customers, and support from a inclusive community.

Performance Plan Highlights

1. No flushed uolume, unused volume rolls over on pay leg

2. Earn up to $50,000 a week on Dual Team Commissions

3. Residual Income: Earn money month after month from sharing and selling products.