Live Better with Vara — Despite advances in medicine and science, optimal health still eludes many of us. We’re living longer, but are we really living better or healthier? We know our bodies need pure, whole-food nutrients to look and feel better and to return to a revitalized state of health. But is that really possible? To achieve optimal health, you and your family need a product that delivers dozens of vital nutrients lacking in today’s diet. You need a product with ingredients that are validated by literally hundreds of independent scientific studies to not have the side effects of prescription drugs. Introducing Vara.


Vara is a delicious multi-vitamin/mineral powder that features our proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend. This unique formula combines an array of super nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas, and other phytonutrients – all to give you the benefits of natural Scandinavian beauty and health.*


Ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun is the Arctic Cloudberry – known by the locals as Scandinavian Gold. This exquisite berry grows in the wild bogs of the upland soil of the arctic, soaking up Nordic energy and sun with remarkable speed. The extremes in temperature and seasons make this berry the superstar of resistance equipping your body with the protection from the elements to achieve total wellness.*


Vísi’s proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend features the potent Arctic Cloudberry, Lingonberry and other active berry antioxidants to protect your cells and optimize cellular energy metabolism.* Vara also includes vitamins A, B, C, D and E to protect your body and promote improved immune, respiratory, cognitive and skin health.* Wellness contains Beta Carotene, CoQ10, Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 50, L-Arginine, Lutein & Lycopene, D-Ribose and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Finally you can achieve optimal health and wellness for you and your family with Vara. 


  • Supports Superior Antioxidant Protection*
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health*
  • Promotes Optimal Immune Function*
  • Encourages Anti-Aging Effects*
  • Promotes Healthy Stress Levels*
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels Already Within A Healthy Range*
  • Optimizes Respiratory Function*


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