Vísi products are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life. Their rich history is reflected in the beautiful arctic cloudberry featured in many of our products. Long-prized for its antioxidant properties, the arctic cloudberry only grows wild around the Artic Circle under the intense rays of the midnight sun. Now through Vísi, the arctic cloudberry can support you wherever in the world you call home.

We amplified the artic cloudberry’s phytonutrients with hydrolyzed collagen protein to create our proprietary AC2 Technology. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is identical to the only natural protein found in the human body. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is the highest absorbing protein with a 95% absorption rate, which is significantly higher than the 53% absorption rate of whey protein, the 26% of soy protein, and the 16% of pea protein.*

From this innovative blend, we’ve expanded our product line with a variety of products to meet your daily needs. Whether you’re drawn to Probíta’s easy on-the-go protein or Valla’s weight-loss support, we’re sure you’ll find what you need to be a little better every day. Start your journey to a better life now—explore all our products below!

*Protein absorption percentage is based on 15g of protein/hr.


This delicious, convenient chew is packed with four grams of hydrolyzed collagen protein, the most bio-identical protein source on the market. Probíta is small enough to fit in your pocket, so it’s easy to add protein to your diet anytime, anywhere.

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Fuel your lifestyle with this delicious smoothie mix that provides 12 grams of pure protein. Nufínna utilizes hydrolyzed collagen protein, arctic cloudberry, and a nutrient-rich whole fruit and vegetable blend to help you maintain a healthy weight and promote better post-workout recovery results.

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Whether you’re losing weight or lifting weights, Valla focuses your energy and efforts to help you perform at a higher level. By promoting better metabolism with powerful natural ingredients, Valla helps you sculpt the body and life you crave.*

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Restore the purity of your body’s cells and tissues with a gentle whole-body cleanse.* Rensa teams a gentle cleansing blend with natural digestive enzymes to fight toxins and promote healthy digestion for whole-body vitality.

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Vara with Setria® Glutathione is a delicious multi-vitamin drink mix. Treat your body to Vara’s effective blend of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients so it can perform at its peak every day.*

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Fight fatigue, mental fog, and thirst with one refreshing drink mix.* Energí helps you have fast and sustained energy by supporting increased blood flow and providing your body with a powerful blend of natural energy-boosting ingredients.*

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Lyfta’s effective blend invigorates your mind and metabolism to help you liberate yourself from bad eating habits and keeps you focused on what’s most important. Find satisfaction in this stress-reducing, mood-enhancing supplement. Lyfta improves your focus and your emotional well-being by raising your serotonin levels—giving you confidence and increasing your productivity so you can conquer your top priorities with ease.

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This is what greatness feels like—real radiance with the softness and elasticity of youthful skin. Míkla Rejuvenating Cream combines antioxidant-rich arctic cloudberry and bioidentical hydrolyzed collagen with the proprietary ingredient SymVital® AgeRepair.

SymVital® AgeRepair approaches skin care at the cellular level. It significantly improves the texture of stressed skin, smoothing wrinkles and enhancing complexion regularity in three weeks. It also helps reduce the signs of sun damage in less than two weeks. Two clinical studies and a billion-dollar company back the results of this 100% pure product.

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