Introducing the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack and the Chocolate Probíta Double Pack

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To celebrate a successful 2013, Vísi has produced two limited-release packs for the holidays. These packs feature a delicious new chocolate flavor for our Probíta Protein Chews to help you add a little sweetness to your holidays.

There are two packs for you to choose from. The first pack is the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack, which features 1 bag of Chocolate Probíta and 1 Vísi Holiday Ornament. This pack costs $74.99 and has 50 PV.

The second new pack for the holidays is the Chocolate Probíta Double Pack. This pack features 2 bags of Chocolate Probíta and will be available for $129.98 with 100 PV.

These two limited-release holiday packs will only be available while supplies last, so get yours while they’re available. The Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack makes a great gift to friends and family and the Double Pack is a great way to make sure you have plenty of delicious and nutritious treats to brighten the holidays.

These two new packs are available for order immediately, so visit your EVO Back Office at www.teamvisi.com, or call Vísi Partner Support at (855) 426-8474 to place your order. Since these are limited release items, they are not available as an Auto Ship or an Enrollment order. The Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack and Chocolate Probíta Double Pack are available for order in all markets except Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Norway. The packs will begin to ship on Monday, December 2nd. Vísi Partners in Europe can expect a slight delay in the shipment of their packs.

Download an image of the two new Holiday Packs here to see the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack with the Vísi Ornament and the Chocolate Probíta Double Packs. Order your packs now before they sell out!

Please enjoy these special holiday packs from Vísi and have a safe and happy holiday season.Holiday_Friday[1]

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