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Look Who’s Elevating Now!

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With our incredibly powerful Summer Elevated Contest currently underway, we are seeing more Partners climbing the leaderboard earning some pretty “sweet swag” along the way.

And don’t forget … our Grand Prize Winner pockets a trip for 1 to the September ELEVATE event with airfare, hotel stay and transportation all reimbursed! On top of that, the Top Five winners will enjoy dinner with the Executive Team the night before at the exclusive Sundance Resort (not to mention the aforementioned “sweet swag” everyone else will collect along the way).

If the contest were to end today (8/18), the winners would be:

Hillary Summerton (GRAND PRIZE)
Candace Foy
Emmanuel Molion
Kris Ante
Amanda Goertzen

But don’t worry, you have until September 15th to earn points, so there’s still time to work your way up this very prestigious list.

Here’s who have made some waves this past week:
⬆ Emmanuel Molion
⬆ Maureen Spathopoulos
And those breaking into the Top 10 included:
⭐️  Amanda Goertzen
⭐️  Sharyn Law-Davis

Here’s all you need to do to participate:

For any new Partner or Preferred Customer enrolled JULY 22nd – SEPTEMBER 15th, you will receive points equivalent to the PV they enroll with. You will also receive points for everyone the new Partner/Customer brings into the business (1 PV = 1 Point).



Body Building Rookie Wins BIG with Vísi


As he entered his very first body building competition, Vísi Sponsored Athlete Jordan Avant was only hoping to maybe win one or two of three events at the NPC Jay Cutler Classic, but ending up doing far, far better.

Recently, Jordan entered three categories and placed first in every single one! The categories included “True Novice A,” “The Masters”, and “The Open” which also qualified him for Nationals for the next two years!

When asked the secret to his success, Jordan declared, “I’ve always lifted and tried to stay healthy. I was asked one day if I’ve ever thought about competing by my now current coach, Brant Knight. I had never really thought about it, but I figured ‘why not?’

Before 2014 – After 2017

“So I started training harder for the Jay Cutler Classic. I’m so thankful I did because it has been eye opening in finding something I’m extremely passionate about, even at 36 years old!” shared Jordan.

“I was definitely nervous back stage, but I had some amazing support with me.  When I stepped on stage, it became more about focusing on hitting poses, smiling and making sure I had the judges’ full attention. To take home 3 wins in my first competition helped justify the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that comes with this sport.”

Jordan has been a Vísi Partner for over 3 years, but only in the past 6 months has he become one of our Vísi Sponsored Athletes. “My sister (Kris Ante) actually contacted Ryan Lewis after a conversation her and I had. Then Ryan and I talked and agreed it would be a great partnership.”

And it has been! Body Building is a tough sport, and requires a very strict and disciplined diet. “The amount of protein it takes to sustain muscle mass, especially during our ‘cutting’ phase, is crazy. Along with Nufínna (3 scoops) twice a day, I take Probíta, which I eat throughout the day for protein and to help keep my body in an anabolic state. I also used Rensa and Valla to help cut the fat! Because of the cutting phase in bodybuilding, our bodies become more prone to getting sick. Our immune system can take quite a hit in this stage, so it was a lifesaver to be able to consistently use Vara, and more recently, Immunití. With these, I didn’t feel as weak as some of the other competitors.”

Our goal is to do everything within our power to help Jordan… and EVERYONE else, Lead Their Best Lives! Jordan says it best, “I’m absolutely leading my best life. I’m pursuing something I love. I have the support of my family and friends along with being a sponsored athlete at 36! It’s kind of like the movie “Jerry Maguire”, when he says he was 33 years old and he started to live his life. In a way, it feels like that. I’m able to do all the hobbies and stay active. I can push my own boundaries, and by the grace of our Lord I will continue to do so! I have no plans on stopping; if anything I want to do more. I want to show more, go to Nationals next year, and try to earn my Pro card. I want to help bring Vísi more into the world of bodybuilding; To show these athletes this is the best protein for your body and the benefits that come with using all the products.”

Jordan resides in Wyoming with his wife and 6 children. He is currently employed as the Lead Mechanic at Crown Cork and Seal, and in the meantime owns his own archery shop. He enjoys playing softball, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, drawing, golfing, yoga, and many other activities.

We salute Jordan’s remarkable accomplishments and look forward to his continued success and outstanding example of what Vísi can do in the lives of those who stay focused on a goal and never stop pursuing their dreams.



The One Pack Speed Bonus Earners

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We are pleased to congratulate the following Partners who have achieved (or in some cases RE-achieved) their Speed Bonus during The One Pack Promotion!

We encourage everyone to take advantage of this rare opportunity to re-engage and earn your Speed Bonus again (or even for the first time) during our exciting promotion running through the end of next week.

Here are those that have taken advantage of this amazing promotion:



Jammin’ Jamaica North American Qualifiers

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Well, the deadline to earn points for Jammin’ Jamaica has come and gone, and we are honored to present the final list of those who qualified for this trip of a lifetime. Several of these created some MASSIVE momentum right up to the end to not only qualify for the trip, but to earn extra upgrades and bonuses! We salute the hard work and exceptional leadership of each of the “Vísi Victors” who not only qualified for the trip, but anyone who earn any points at all. We proudly acknowledge the final crew of “jammers” that will be joining us on our voyage to Jamaica and the Caymen Islands.

Each of these will not only be treated to a phenomenal vacation experience, but perhaps even an inside look into the future plans and direction of the company. As they dip their toes in the warm water and bask in the sun on white sandy beaches, they will be sharing time with Vísi executives … who, most likely will be able to reveal future product ideas and other ideas to help us spread our CEO’s vision of getting #immuniti in #everyhome in North America! Congratulations to you all!

#jamminjamaica #leadyourbestlife



5-Year Win RECAP

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CEO Kent Lewis Unveils Plan to Redefine Nutrition and Change the World Starting at The Five-Year Win

That’s a bold headline … but April 22, 2017 marks the day the nutritional world will not forget and the starting of a 90-day sprint challenge to help all Partners advance through the compensation system faster than ever before. The 5-Year Win Event at the Encore at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas played host to an extraordinary birthday celebration for Vísi and laid the foundation for phenomenal growth during our NEXT five years.

Announcements included:

– Vision casting by CEO Kent Lewis
– Product Updates – The secrets of Orange Probíta
– The pre-launch announcement of a revolutionary product: Immunití.
– Vísi’s first Arctic Sapphire recognized
– Field leaders unveiled their 90-day action plan
– New tools were launched
– New updates for Jammin’ Jamaica

Kent’s Goal: Nothing Short of “EVERY HOUSEHOLD in No. America” To Enjoy Vísi Products, Starting with the New Immunití Anti-Aging Supplement

“We are writing a new story and it starts today!” These words were the closing challenge to all 5-Year Win attendees to help them prepare for the coming success in Vísi that a never-before-released, one-of-a-kind product will produce. Kent, with help from COO Ryan Lewis and Scientific Advisory Board member Alan Ogden, introduced the pre-launch of Immunití, a “pinnacle product” that will revolutionize the nutritional industry for decades to come and burst open doors of opportunity we have only dreamed of so far.

“If you think our FIRST five years were great, wait until you see the impact this product will have on the industry, your business, and even … the world in our NEXT five years!” Kent declared, “My vision is to take Immunití … and all our products … to every household in North America within 5 years. This goal will not only bolster each Partner’s business but ensure our rightful place as a Billion Dollar company by our 10-year Anniversary Celebration.” (See more about what is so exciting product in the following section.)

To kick off a 90-Day Challenge for all Partners to focus on to prepare for this product launch, he also reiterated the Power of FIVE in building a business by focusing on getting five new people started with their Speed Bonus, then helping them get their five. “You do this and you will see your business explode and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards that only a product like Immunití can offer!” He continued, “What’s your WHY? If you don’t have a powerful one yet, the new Immunití product will be just that … and more.”

To inspire everyone, he shared several of his favorite “motivators:”

  • “You are too smart to be the only one standing in your way.”
  • “Sweat is fat crying.”

He also provided a short lesson on going from “Good” to “Great!” (The ‘hedgehog concept’)

  • What are you passionate about? (Immunití and Probíta)
  • What can you be the best in the world at? (Immunití and Probíta)
  • What drives your economic engine? (Immunití and Probíta)

And then … he unveiled his new “audacious GOAL” for our next five years: “To take Immunití to EVERY Household in No. America. This will be our five-year quest that will push us past the $1 Billion sales mark.”


Our 5-Year Anniversary was a true CELEBRATION of providing innovative and industry-leading products all while helping the world Lead Their Best Life! But we didn’t stop there. A lot of “Live streams” on Facebook and Instagram were going out from Vegas the competitive advantages of Vísi’s “clean protein” Probíta (along with the now-sold-out Orange flavor) were highlighted.

Alan Ogden, Vísi Scientific Advisory Board member, provided scientific insights into how the hydrolyzed collagen protein of Probíta is far superior to other forms of protein available today. For one, there is no acid used to extract the protein, which in turn destroys the “aliveness” of the amino acids. He also revealed his “Probíta Secret” … that “factory farmed” animals are NOT used in the production of Probíta, which avoids using  sources that have been exposed to steroids, antibiotics, etc. This makes Probíta a CLEAN PROTEIN source that is bioidentical to our body vs. other “junk” protein the body has to change and assimilate to.

Those who pre-ordered the Orange Probíta were the first to receive their packages and the last few bags were actually sold at the event. Plans for re-releasing this wildly popular flavor were also discussed.

Immunití Announced: However, the real hit of the show was when a “Revolution in Health” was unveiled that has been 25 years in the making and the result over $65 million in research. A new product will be released by early summer that will provide unparralled nutritional support to counter the affects of aging, provide optimal immune support, and amplify the effects of any nutrition within the body.

Immunií will be more than just a “structural” supplement that delivers glutathione to the body, but will actually help the body produce more of it’s own version of this vital antioxidant, making it more accessible and powerful than any supplement available. “The key is the ratio of amino acids we are providing to help trigger the body’s own production of glutathione,” Alan said.

“This will be a ‘pinnacle product’ that no one else will ever have,” Alan said. “And I predict that for years to come, research will continue to uncover the benefits of this product as there is virtually no limit to what it can do.” He declared this product will provide the perfect “1, 2 punch” when combined with Probíta and all other products with AC2 technology as Immunití will amplify the affects of all other supplements.

Vísi will be the ONLY company to have this product technology. The launch date was slated for early June and pre-orders for Immunití were taken at the show.

As a special bonus for all attendees, free product was distributed throughout the day to help keep the energy up and the mind receptive to all the great information being presented.

Vísi’s First Arctic Sapphire Was Recognized

Me Kyong Lee provided inspiring words of gratitude and business insight as she accepted the great honor of being recognized as our newest Arctic Sapphire. Of this milestone, CEO Kent Lewis said, “As one of the key leaders in our Asian markets, Miss Lee has demonstrated outstanding leadership and a remarkable work ethic. It is appropriate that we recognize this milestone in our global growth during our 5-year celebration as it paves the way for even more Sapphires from all around the world in our next five years.”

New Tools Unveiled

With all the excitement of new products being announced and scientific updates on existing ones, other tools were provided to help spread the message of Vísi’s mission to help everyone Lead Their Best Life! These included:

  • A new Vísi Overview video (now available here on our blog and YouTube channel)
  • A new 1-minute intro video helping to celebrate our first 5 years (made available on our Facebook page)
  • Social media “shareables” were launched to start conversations about the new product, the Orange Probíta, and recap the event.
  • A new training webinar was unveiled to take place on a regular basis, starting Wednesday 4/26 at 11 am MT, to teach the effective use of your online tools, back office, etc. Sr. Director of Field Development Tylor Beveridge will record each session for those who can’t attend live. Be sure to tune in to our Facebook page and Norse Star for the announcements of future webinars, and visit our YouTube channel to review the recordings of each.

Jammin’ Jamaica Update

Two special announcements were made to make the event even better for those planning on going to Jamaica with us:

  • The deadline to earn points (and even more Jammin’ Jamaica perks) was extended to June 9, giving everyone more time to qualify for more rewards.
  • Event attendees were given a bonus 2,500 points. So instead of the promised 7,500 points, everyone received 10,000 points!

So, as a result of the 5-Year Win, we nearly doubled the number of qualifiers and made it possible for even more people to join us on the trip to Jamaica.

STELLAR Field Training

Top field leaders took the stage to paint their vision of the future and how to maximize the announcements coming out of the event. The challenge to kick off a 90-day action plan, or “sprint” coming out of the event was issued as time is of the essence to get the word out about how Probíta will lay the groundwork for the Immunití launch. Here’s a quick overview:

Rick Hagar revealed the need to engage in a 90-day “sprint” to lay the foundation for the new product, getting as much Probíta and Nuffína in the hands of as many people before the new Immunití product comes out. His challenge was “Are you gonna watch us, or run with us?” Jen Purga revealed the “Power of Five” and showed how her 90-day plan will focus on “getting five who get five” and teaching each of these to get their Speed Bonus as quickly as possible since the clock is ticking. She also indicated that an effective daily routine is what will make the difference. “You’re going to be stuff during those 90 days anyway … might as well make it something that will take your business to new heights and change your life.”

To help in putting these plans into action, Priscilla Harrison laid out an advance course in goalsetting while a passionate KayCee Mogel revealed her keys to long-term leadership.

All in attendance felt the passion … and the urgency … to act quickly to get as many new Partners in their organizations to prepare for the launch of the new product and to help qualify more for the Jammin’ Jamaica trip.

Be sure to join us on next Saturday’s Corporate Call which will feature the next new promotion and how these stunning announcements will be put into action during the next QP.

Truly, this event was and will be historic … not just as a turning point for Vísi, but for the entire industry.



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 08.11.16

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 Get Back to Business

Strengthen your Vísi family with our Ready, Set…Go! Pack, which includes free membership, the Vísi Kompass, one bag of Probíta, one bottle of Valla, one carton of Energí, one bottle of Rensa, and one bag of Nufínna for $279.99 and 250 PV. That’s $70 in savings! Read this flyer to see how you can earn special cash bonuses with this amazing promotion!

We also know how excited you are about our Regional events in Portland and Nashville next month. So we’ve made it easier to attend when you sponsor 2 new VPs with the Ready, Set…Go! Pack. Along with the cash bonuses, we’ll also reimburse your Regional’s registration! That’s a value of $69.99!

PV earned through the Ready, Set…Go! Pack will count toward our current #TasteVara promotion and help with rank advancement for the Starlit cruise. Take advantage of all these amazing promotions to start the season off with success and watch your Vísi family grow!

*This promotion is available for US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Vísi Partners and Preferred Customers.

Get A Taste of the New Vara!

The new flavor of Vara is on its way in time for the September Regional events. We’re celebrating with a sneak peek opportunity just for you! Personally sponsor new Partners and Preferred Customers to earn #TasteVara prizes. With more total PV from enrollees, you can win big!

1000 PV will earn you a special #TasteVara hat. With 2000 PV you’ll receive a hat and shirt. When you reach a total of 3000 PV from your sponsored enrollees, you’ll earn the hat, shirt, and a sample of the new Vara! With 3000 PV you’ll be the first to taste Vara’s new flavor. We’re recognizing our Partner’s incredible achievement on the Facebook page, and we want to share your achievement with the world too!

Spread the word with this Facebook shareable!

 Sail Away With Vísi

This year’s Regionals will feature exclusive river cruises for qualified Partners. The only way to earn your ticket is by achieving the paid rank qualification for Arctic 4 Star or above between July 23rd and August 19th. Build your business now to join us on this special excursion in September.  Let’s fill this cruise with Vísi stars!

Spread the word with this Facebook shareable!

Incredible Rank Advances in Asia

We’ve had incredible growth in Asia in the past few months! Recently we’ve had Partners from Asia make amazing improvements to their businesses and reach new ranks. We have two new Arctic 5 Stars, four Arctic Premiers, and one Arctic Ruby. We anticipate even more growth in the coming months, and we’ll keep you updated!

See Trímma’s New Look on August 15th

We’ve got something new to lift your spirits! Starting next Monday you can enjoy Trímma’s stress-reducing, mood-enhancing capabilities now with a whole new look. Check your email on Monday morning and join us on the official Vísi Facebook page to be part of all the fun—and get a special deal!

Tom Kay’s Vísi Success

Vísi sponsored athlete Tom Kay recently participated in the British Natural Qualifiers, a natural bodybuilding competition. Tom has seen great success with his Vísi product regimen, and he wants to share his story with all of you!

“Since I started with Vísi products I’ve come to notices increases in my muscular recovery and body fat reduction as well as mobility. Trasitioning from generic and lesser forms of protein products (almost all of which do not agree with my digestion)has now allowed my body to maximize its assimilation of nutrients and produce a better result. There is a real beauty in hydrolyzed collagen due to its bioavailability per gram. This helps me keep my protein consumption within healthy ranges and thus is softer on the kidneys or liver, while helping me maintain an anabolic state when required.

“I make the most use out of my Probíta and Valla to help me prep for my competitions, by reducing cravings and speeding up my fat burning abilities. I use Nufínna at key windows to maximize my body’s ability to recover. Staying on top of my nutrition with the highest quality ingredients has led me to achieve the best possible body I could unveil onstage for this year. I’m super excited to see what happens for the next.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Tom! If you want to keep up to date with Tom’s progress or chat with him about training and nutrition, reach out to him on Instagram at tomkay01 or on Facebook at

You can share your own Vísi story with the world! We’re currently accepting testimonials on all Vísi products and business successes. This is a great opportunity to receive the recognition you deserve for your hard work and progress. Send your testimonial to today!

Register for Regionals

Energize your business and find your inspiration! Events are key to catching the fire that will help you grow your Vísi business. Don’t forget the Ready, Set..Go! Pack can help you earn reimbursement for your Regionals registration (a value of $69.99). Purchase your tickets on your online office for Portland on September 17th or Nashville on September 24th.

Our Portland Regional event will be held at the Crowne Plaza. The Nashville Regional event will be held at the Airport Marriott. You’re welcome to join us at these stylish hotels or stay at a nearby location.

We urge you to book your stay as soon as possible, as Portland especially will have other events that weekend and rooms are filling up fast. A little preparation will go a long way in ensuring you have a comfortable and fun stay!

New Online Office Files

We’re continually updating our online office with new documents to support your Vísi business. Some documents have been updated to better align with our branding, while others are new tools and shareables for you to use with your prospectives. Be sure to log in to your online office regularly to take advantage of all these great files!

Follow Our Vísi Facebook Page!

Did you know you might be missing important Vísi Facebook posts? Go to our official Vísi Facebook page now to check! Under the cover photo, you’ll see a “thumbs up” symbol and the word “Like” or “Liked”. If your “thumbs up” isn’t blue, click the icon. Now you’ve officially liked the Vísi Facebook page!

Next hold your mouse over the “Liked” icon. Then under “In Your News Feed” select “See First” and under “Notifications” click “All On”. Do that, and you’ll be the loop with all our daily updates!

We update the Facebook page almost every weekday and Saturdays too! Our posts are dedicated to helping our Partners build excitement about their Vísi business, share the Vísi message with future Partners and customers, and stay connected with the corporate office. Join us today!



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 04.14.16

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Club 28 Welcomes Katrina Niemela!

We’re excited to introduce you to Katrina Niemela, the newest member of Club 28! Katrina joined Vísi only two weeks ago, and she’s already laid an incredibly solid foundation for her Vísi business! In qualifying for Club 28, she is well on her way to joining us in Cabo this summer, and again—she’s only been a Partner for two weeks! Here’s her story:

When I joined Vísi, I was just looking for a good nutritional shake. I’m Facebook friends with Don Wescott, and I noticed he had posted something about a shake. At first I was nervous about the multilevel marketing aspect, so I tried a lot of other shakes before I finally came to him.

Of course he presented the business opportunity with Vísi, but I shied and asked just to try the shakes. After one day on Nufínna, I loved it! Don sent me sample after sample, and I loved them all so much I decided to learn more about the company! I didn’t know much about the business when I joined Vísi, but with Don’s coaching I started sharing the product information with others.

I was really thankful my team leaders put on the opportunity meeting in Portland. COO Paul Frampton taught me so much about the Performance Plan. I loved hearing testimonials from people and their perspective on the business.

I still don’t know everything, but like Paul said I “followed the yellow brick road”. By focusing on sponsoring two people and helping them do the same, everything fell into place. I’m a single mom, so I only had so much time to dedicate to it, but being conscientious about putting in the time really paid off!

I’d like to add a special thanks to all the people who reached out to me via text and Facebook when I joined Vísi. I love the family atmosphere and support. I feel so blessed to be part of Vísi!

We’re so happy to have you with us, Katrina, and we’re excited about your dazzling success. Welcome to Club 28!

Come Party in Cabo!

This birthday party lasts through April 29th! Keep the energy pumped up in your team, and we’ll see you in Cabo this summer. Here’s how:

–Qualification deadline extended to April 29th
Triple Cabo Points from April 2nd to April 29th
–Qualifiers for Club 28 from April 2nd to April 29th receive 15,000 Cabo Points
–Sponsors of newly qualified Club 28 Members receive 5,000 Cabo Points (If the sponsors are already Club 28 Members, they’ll receive a grand total of 10,000 Cabo Points)

What are you waiting for? Spread the word with this handy flyer. We’ll see you in Cabo!

*This promotion is available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand markets only.

Cabo Countdown

The deadline to qualify for Cabo Baja Blast is coming fast upon us. With our incredible Birthday Blast promotion, we’re preparing for an explosion of qualifiers! Make every moment of this month count, and we’ll see you on the beach this summer!

Over half of our Baja Blast Top 10 have already qualified! Check them out in the list below and see the whole top 100 here! You’ve got this!

Incredible Growth from Portland Event

Our CFO Paul Frampton recently returned from an exciting event near Portland, Oregon. About 80 people turned out for this special opportunity meeting, nearly half of them guests. Stirring testimonials and Paul’s thoughtful insight into our Performance Plan generated tremendous interest in the Vísi opportunity. By the end of the event, 32 new Partners enrolled with Vísi!

Paul says, “The team in Portland put on a great event. Watch out, everyone! We’re going to see an explosion of business in that area!”

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information to so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

Upcoming Events: 
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

The Honey Badger Takes What It Wants!

Our Partners join Power Hour because they’re ready do what it takes to make a successful business. Sometimes that means running into a lot of “not yet” responses from potential customers and Partners. That can be hard to hear, but at Power Hour we award “Badger of Honor” to recognize Partners who, like the honey badger, endure all setbacks to achieve their end goal. Join us every Monday and take your place as the Badger of Honor!

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT




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Convention. Was. AWESOME! From the wonderful people to the powerful presentations, CONQUER 2016 was an event unlike any other. It would be impossible to completely replicate such a stirring experience in words, but this re-cap email should give you a good feel for it!

Partners started pouring in on Thursday evening, dressed in their best St. Patrick’s Day green. After checking in, Vísi Partners of the ranks Arctic Premier and above hit the town for Cirque du Soleil’s mind-blowing Zarkana. Our Vísi leaders were completely stunned by the daring stunts and artful expressions of the performance.

The first general session started bright and early on Friday morning, but the room was filled with an electric energy after emcee Scott Christopher got us going with his light-hearted humor and excitement for CONQUER 2016! Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis welcomed us all and built up anticipation for what was to come. The session was filled with fun giveaways, stirring testimonials from Vísi Partners, and the introduction of new Valla sample packs!

Valla has only been available for three months, and it’s already become a game-changer in our Partners’ and Preferred Customers’ lives. Now you can share this incredibly energizing product in a simple and bold new pouch. Buy Valla Sample Packs on your Online Office for $34.99 wholesale right now!


Friday afternoon featured the inaugural Club 28 party and stunning tricks from a local street magician. Later we gathered for breakout sessions with a close eye on business training. Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis led a panel with Arctic Premier Alan Ogden and Dr. Rouse on the science of Vísi products. VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley and CFO Paul Frampton not only showed us how to take full advantage of commissions, but also taught us a flashy dance to remember the essential steps of building a Vísi business. Director of Partner Support Tylor Beveridge taught us how to be Virtual Vikings with tips on using the Online Office.

Saturday morning was packed with more great training, uplifting testimonials, and giveaways. After a delicious lunch for all attendees, we gathered in our best dress to recognize the achievements of our hardworking Partners. We laughed, we cried, and we gave out some really big checks!

Finally we hurried to change into our rockin’est outfits for the Rock Star Party! We put actual rock stars to shame with our amazing karaoke and dance performances, and we immortalized the event with sweet photo booth pics. Lady Gaga even stopped in to join us in the celebration and show off her stellar dance moves!

We’re so grateful to have so many amazing Partners who showed their dedication to leading their best lives by joining us at CONQUER 2016. The energy and enthusiasm you brought touched all of us. We hope to see you and many more Partners next year!



Rank Advancements

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We’ve had an incredible number of rank advancements in the past month. Over 120 Partners have advanced to rank of Arctic Star and above! We’re so grateful to all of our Partners who have chosen to lead their best life with Visi.


Arctic Star

  • Barbara Ann Erswell
  • Becky Park
  • Brauckmiller, Jenny Brauckmiller
  • Brooke Cherfils
  • Cally Van Blerk
  • Carmen Erswell
  • Carolyn Reibel
  • Christie M Pierce
  • Cong Voc Pham
  • Cris Williams
  • Czeslaw Bielaczyc
  • Dana J Gustafson
  • Dave Balance
  • Deanna Ham
  • Debby Runner
  • Deborah Law
  • Delores Bos
  • Donna Graham
  • Eligio Ma. P Santos
  • Gabriela Michalik
  • Heather J Marshall
  • Irene Abbott
  • Izabela Kolasa
  • James Schornick
  • Jeanne M Schrapps
  • Jenna Benicki
  • Jennifer Channell
  • Jessica M Larson
  • Kayla Heisler
  • Lindsey L Jasmer
  • Louis Wayne Ellerson
  • Marc Lalonde
  • Masahiro Oka
  • Miriam E Whiting
  • Monica January
  • Nguyen Duy Dinh Tran
  • Nicholas, Joanie M Nicholas
  • Richard C Clippard
  • Rudolph R Dobesh
  • Sandra Bright
  • Tasha Potopas
  • Teri Vickerson
  • Terri B Powers
  • Them Thai
  • Thi Diep Truong
  • Toshiko Imai
  • Tracy Reese
  • Tu Nguyen
  • Un Ae Kwak
  • Van Huu Pham
  • Victoria Payne

Arctic 2 Star

  • Beata Bierman
  • Blair H Wilding
  • Candace Foy
  • Candice Percy
  • Carl Ellerson
  • Cathy Wong
  • Cindy Kirk
  • Connie D Stewart
  • Danielle Davies
  • Derrick D Baillie
  • Donna G Nelson
  • Donna Hackworth
  • James Ellis
  • Jeremy R Armstrong
  • Jodie Bell
  • Julie Rains
Arctic 2 Star cont.

  • Kate Lyons
  • Kelly Smith
  • Kurt A Pendergrass
  • Marcie Curtis
  • Maria L Young
  • Patricia Nuzzo
  • Patti Griggs
  • Phuong Nam Luu
  • Robin Necci
  • Rosemari A Wall
  • Sandy L Strode
  • Sarah Arnett
  • Tim Filuk
  • Van Nhan Giap

Arctic 3 Star

  • Ann Marot
  • Everett Pies
  • Jadwiga Malewicki
  • Kaisa Nalewaj
  • Krissa R Martillo
  • Layne R Morgan
  • Lindsay Shaw
  • Mike Fong
  • Penny Blevins
  • Sally A Martin

Arctic 4 Star

  • Angela R Mann
  • Avery L Wheelock
  • Casie Schornick
  • Dawn R Anderson
  • Debbie Henshall
  • Dedra Skinner
  • Jill M Restik
  • Katrina Holmes
  • Lila Elliott
  • Robin Grigsby
  • Rochelle B Carpenter
  • Serena Ashcroft
  • Sharol L Grunst
  • Stacy Kleemeyer
  • Teresa Andres
  • Teresa Pritchard
  • Toni Ward
  • Tracey Tolin

Arctic 5 Star

  • Angelo Rosati
  • Ann Clippard
  • Brenda Grosenick
  • Brenda Hair
  • Brenda Johnston
  • Coach J Wilhelm, Inc.
  • Donald L. Wescott
  • Donna L Cummins
  • Gina Morelli
  • Jennifer L Wimberly
  • Julene Valitutto
  • Leslie Pierson
  • Michelle Ratter
  • Minerva White
  • Robert Olivan
  • Shawn & Emily Stoik

Arctic Premier

  • Brenda Hair
  • Sherman Unkefer
  • Shawn & Emily Stoik
  • Krista Sheriff



Introducing Best Life E-Zine

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A message from our Founder & CEO:

kent-final copy

I am honored to introduce the inaugural edition of Best Life. Vísi has entered into a phase of incredible momentum. In 2015 alone, we have had more rank advancements—particularly to leadership ranks of Arctic Premier and above—than we have ever had before. People from around the world are catching the Vísi vision and discovering what it’s like to lead their best lives.

At Vísi, we could not succeed without the hard work and dedication of our Partners—men and women who are fearlessly bringing whole-body vitality to others. Best Life is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to celebrating our Partners and their achievements. Not only will you be able to see the incredible accomplishments that our Partners have realized within Vísi’s Performance Plan, but you’ll also share in their personal stories of growth, trials, and triumphs. Each has had a unique experience in their journey with Vísi, and we hope you are as inspired by each of these remarkable individuals as we are. Enjoy the beautiful first edition below, which can also now be found on our corporate website.

Join me in extending sincere congratulations to all of our featured Partners in this special first edition of Best Life.

Getting better together,


Kent Lewis

Vísi Founder & CEO



The Transformation Leading to Triumph

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Congratulations to our own Darrin Grosenick, Vísi Arctic 3-Star, who recently won top honors at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation championships for Western Canada. He’s come a long way from being told just two years ago that he’d never bodybuild competitively again, following rotator cuff surgery.


The heart of his victory? Commitment to Vísi products as part of his training regimen, Darrin says. Darrin began a dramatic body transformation just 10 months ago, beginning his “Road 2 Ripped” journey of weightlifting, cardio, and a disciplined diet with Vísi products at the core. Learn more about Darrin’s healthy regimen and incredible accomplishments in the Business For Home article posted here: )

darrin with nufinna

Darrin gym



Congratulations to Our Newest Member of the Leadership Development Team!

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Congratulations to Our Newest Member of the Leadership Development Team!

Vísi is committed to helping our field develop and grow, and Misty Millet has been a huge advocate of that very goal since the company’s inception.

Misty began working for Vísi before the company was officially launched in 2012. She has filled roles as a Team Lead in Partner Support and now her newly appointed position as the Premier Services Specialist—an extension of the Leadership Development Team.

“I am looking forward to further developing my already established relationships our incredible leaders, while creating new ones with those that are up-and-coming. I find it incredibly fulfilling to be a part of helping them achieve their goals,” says Misty.  Misty brings a hard-working, driven and unceasingly kind work ethic to all that she does and we hope you join us in congratulating her on her new position.



New Vísi Arctic 4 Stars Shawn and Emily Stoik Featured on Business for Home Website

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Shawn and Emily Stoik

Shawn and Emily Stoik are Vísi’s newest Arctic 4 Stars, a rank they achieved in their first week. They are the model of the “work from home family” and their goal is to help other families achieve success. They are seasoned and successful network marketers, and their story is being told on the MLM news website Business for Home ( Click here to learn more about Shawn and Emily and their journey to Vísi!



Congratulations to Our Newly Promoted Vísi Team Members!

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Our Vísi corporate family continues to grow and as we add new team members, it gives us an opportunity to promote star players.

Brittani 2

Join us in congratulating two incredible employees on their recent promotions: Brittani Lambert is now the Director of Marketing and Events and Brandon Smith has been promoted to Director of Leadership Development.

Brittani has been with Vísi since April 2013 and is an all-around athlete, delivering incredible social media support, winning events, targeted recognition and more.

Brandon joined Vísi in October 2012 and has unparalleled knowledge of the performance plan and tireless energy for supporting Partners—he’s the voice of Vísi to many!


Thanks to Brittani and Brandon for your contributions in helping Vísi get a little better every day!



Vísi Breaks Sales Records Again in May, Featured on Business for Home Website

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For the second month in a row Vísi has broken sales records, and now we’re being recognized on the Business for Home website for our accomplishments. It’s a huge testament to the hard work of all of our Vísi Partners and Partner Leaders and to the planning and efforts of the Vísi Executive Team and Corporate Staff.  Read the Business for Home article here.



Vísi Introduces Rick Hagar, Chang Yu & Laura Jang as New Arctic Black Diamonds

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Vísi today announced that Master Partner Rick Hagar and the Partnership of Chang Yu & Laura Jang have earned the rank of Arctic Black Diamond. Vísi is coming off a record-breaking month in April with May trending to break records for the second month in a row, and the huge increase in sales is reflected in the company’s rank advancements.

Rick Hagar, Chang Yu & Laura Jang are not only the first Arctic Black Diamonds in the company’s history, but they also went straight to Arctic Black Diamond, jumping past ranks along the way with the tremendous volume they generated in their organizations. Rick Hagar made the incredible leap past Arctic Blue Diamond while Chang Yu & Laura Jang accomplished the remarkable feat of flying by Arctic Emerald, Arctic Diamond and Arctic Blue Diamond. Both Partnerships capitalized on the momentum gained from Vísi’s All Win Convention in March and the release of the Nufínna Lifestyle Smoothie, along with Vísi’s approach to international expansion.

“I am so happy for Rick, Chang & Laura,” said Vísi Founder and CEO Kent Lewis. “Rick is our Master Partner and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company from the beginning. Chang & Laura have played a key role in both our domestic and international expansion. In order for both Partnerships to accomplish what they did they had to individually amass 750,000 in PETV (Personal Enrollment Team Volume) for 2 out of 4 consecutive weeks. That is an exceptional feat that deserves its reward. I have no doubt they will both enjoy spending the $100,000 bonus that is given to our Arctic Black Diamonds.”

Vísi Master Partner and industry legend Rick Hagar knew Vísi offered a unique opportunity from the moment he sat down with Founder and CEO Kent Lewis and Co-Founder and COO Ryan Lewis. “I’ve learned that success is very much about alignment,” Hagar said. “It’s about certain variables lining up at the same time in the same place. Variables like corporate strength, a unique product story, a simple duplicable system, field leadership and timing. Nowhere have I seen these variables line up better than at Vísi. I am honored to be one of the first Arctic Black Diamonds with this great company.”

Smart international expansion has been a key to Vísi’s success as the company has seen growth in all its markets around the globe, and having the right leaders in place to expand into international markets has been crucial.

“Chang Yu & Laura Jang are experienced and successful leaders,” said Vísi Founder and CEO Kent Lewis. “For a young, fast-growing company like Vísi it’s important that we partner with hard-working leaders with high integrity like Chang & Laura. Their accomplishment of reaching Arctic Black Diamond is a testament to their leadership.”

Chang Yu & Laura Jang cited the importance of being partners with Vísi and what that means for their business. “We truly are Partners with Vísi,” Chang Yu said. “It’s more than just a word; it’s a reality. We have partnered with Vísi to build something special, and that partnership is helping us improve the lives of many around the world. To be able to work closely with a company to plan and collaborate on developing international expansion is unique. We are thrilled to be Partners with Vísi and excited to be Arctic Black Diamonds.”



About Vísi

Vísi is a progressive global network marketing company that promotes personal development and improved lifestyles through the distribution of innovative products derived from Scandinavia’s Arctic Cloudberry. Founded in 2012, Vísi produces seven all-natural products aimed to improve the health and lifestyles of people all over the world. Vísi is driven by a network of Partners in over 18 international markets; including the United States, Canada and Japan. For more information, please visit



Record Number of Vísi Rank Advancements in April!

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Vísi had a record month in April and it showed in our rank advancements. We set a record for rank advancements in April with 2 Arctic Premiers, 59 Arctic 5 Stars, 28 Arctic 4 Stars, 10 Arctic 3 Stars, 114 Arctic 2 Stars and 245 Arctic Stars rank advancing! Congratulations to our advancing Partners and thank you to everyone for making April a record month at Vísi!