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New Vísi Overview Video

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Just released … an updated overview video revealing how the Secrets of Scandinavia can help you LEAD YOUR BEST LIFE!



5-Year Win Agenda

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The Five-Year Win Will Change Your Life … and Your Business!

It’s our birthday, and we’re excited to share with the world. The event will reflect perfectly the theme:

CELEBRATE – Not many companies can boast a 5-year history of success and global expansion. It’s time to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate how our last 5 years have laid the foundation for our NEXT 5 years of success!

ELEVATE – You’ll get training and insights from Vísi’s key corporate and field leaders. We’ll elevate your vision and belief in your ability to expand your business and improve the way you help others Live THEIR Best Lives.

DOMINATE – We will unveil insights into how the new Probíta flavor is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to product announcements and our ongoing strategy. Attendees will be the first to learn of the science behind our future product launches that will guarantee we will set the nutritional world on fire!

– Here’s The Schedule

Friday, 4/21:
The “O” theater at the Belagio Hotel and Resort
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
7:00 pm: Select contest winners and corporate staff to experience the stunning “O” show by Cirque de Solei.

  • Dress: Casual. Front row VIP Seating come prepared to get wet!

Saturday 4/22:
Location: Encore @ The Wynn Las Vegas
3131 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Beethoven 2 Meeting Room (Click here to download a map of the resort and meeting room location.)
Dress: Business casual
8:30 am: Check in (outside Beethoven 2 ballroom) and Doors Open
9:00 am: General Session begins

Corporate executives to announce:
– Future product strategy
– Recognition of growing markets
– Insights into our global expansion worldwide
– Future vision for company dominance in the upcoming years

Select Vísi Partners to also provide business training and personal growth insights.

* Vísi Products will be made available throughout the block.
Also, those who pre-ordered bags of Orange Probíta
will be able to pick them up during the morning session

General session will end between 1:30 and 2:00 pm with Traditional Vísi Drum and Chant signaling our commitment to excellence in the next 5 years!

Remainder of afternoon and evening available for:
– Team meetings, planning, and goalsetting
– Recording video testimonials
– Finalizing product purchase and pre-orders

We’ll see you there as we kick off our NEXT Five Years of Success and Global Dominance.




Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 06.14.16

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Vísi Skin Care: Pre-Launch Sale

For a limited time you can pre-order your new Vísi skin care products! This introductory sales period runs from Tuesday, June 14th at 6:00 pm MT to Friday, June 17th at 11:59 pm.Read this blog post to learn more and order your packs on the Online Office today!

Our Radiant Rewards Promotion is still running through Friday, June 17th. Take advantage of these great opportunities:

+ Sponsor one new Partner for double PV on the new skin care product.
+ Sponsor two new Partners for triple PV on the new skin care product.
+ Buy one Phöra sample pack and get two free.

Find all the details for the Radiant Rewards Promotion on the official flyer, and spread the word with this handy Facebook shareable!

100 Sample Products are on the Way!

Congratulations to the first 100 people who pre-ordered new skin care packs! If you’re among the first 100, you will have received an email letting you know your early skin care sample is on the way. This exclusive opportunity will make you among the first to experience the benefits of this amazing product. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on social media!

Tylor Trains in Circles of Success

Sr. Director of Leadership Development Tylor Beveridge explains how to take advantage of the Circles of Success training in our latest video. Watch now and learn how to take charge of your Vísi business and accelerate your growth!

Our Circles of Success are filled with handy tips and detailed explanations on how to launch your Vísi business. We’ve recently updated the Circles with a sleek new look. Check them out on your Online Office and support your team by encouraging old and new Partners alike to refer to them for detailed business insight from industry professionals.

Don’t miss out—start your training now!

Vísi Corporate Call Next Saturday

Be sure to put our next Corporate Call on your calendar forSaturday, June 25th at 10 am MT. Our Executive team will be calling from the Baja Blast event in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico to share exciting Vísi news and announcements! Be among the first to hear about upcoming opportunities and new ways to grow your Vísi business. Don’t miss this call!

New Club 28 Call Coming Soon

Members of our prestigious Club 28 have access to special calls every two months. On each Club 28 Call, the Vísi Executive team shares sneak previews and exclusive announcements for Club 28 members. Take full advantage of your Club 28 membership—join us on our next call,Wednesday, June 29th at 6 pm MT.

Upcoming Events

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

June 25, 2016 – Corporate Call
June 29, 2016 – Club 28 Call
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 03.31.16

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It’s Our Birthday!

Vísi’s fourth birthday is this Saturday, and we have exciting news! Celebrate this incredible milestone with us this Saturday, and be the first to hear our big plans straight from the Vísi executive team! There’s a wonderful birthday gift in store for you, so make sure you’re on this month’s Corporate Call to take full advantage of a limited time opportunity.

Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, April 2nd
Time: 9:00 am PT / 10:00 am MT / 11:00 am CT/ 12:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm UK
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278
Conference Code: 487919

Don’t Miss Out on This Pack!

CONQUER 2016 was the springboard for so many incredible opportunities for Partners—don’t miss your chance to take advantage of one of the best of them! Our Convention CONQUER Pack is a simple and easy way for you to build your business! This pack comes with a spectacularly high500PV for just $249.99—more than double what that price would normally entail. Along with $80 savings and 250 Cabo Points, this is a great way to rank advance before the end of the 4-week qualification period on Friday, April 1!

Purchase your Convention CONQUER Pack today in your Online Office under CONQUER Packs and RISE UP!

CONQUER Recap Video is Here!

Relive the magic of CONQUER 2016 or see it for the first time—we’ve got our recap video ready for you. We at Vísi are always invigorated by the vision and energy of our Partners, and we’re excited to showcase the enthusiasm they shared with us at CONQUER. Check out the video here and share it with your team! We want to see you all at next year’s Convention!

You Can Still Qualify for Cabo!

The qualifying period for Baja Blast is coming to an end, but there’s still time to earn all the Cabo Points you need! You earn Cabo Points every time you personally enroll and sponsor a new Partner with an enrollment pack and Autoship. Help your new Partner enroll more Partners to receive even more Cabo Points! Keep building your team, because you’ll see even more Cabo Points when you or your personally enrolled and sponsored Partners rank advance! You can read all the details on how Cabo Points here!

Half of our Baja Blast Top 10 have already qualified! Check them out in the list below and see the whole top 100 here! Way to go everyone!

Handling Fee

Starting this afternoon, we will institute a handling fee of $1.50 USD per product order. As an international company, this fee will allow us to reduce our annual renewal fee and it will help us provide the best service possible to our customers worldwide. Thank you for understanding the important role this will play in continuing to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Great Things on the Horizon

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

April 3, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Urbandale, IA
April 9, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Tigard, OR
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

Power Up Your Team

Power Hour participants enroll at a rate of 43% higher than non-participants. Build your team with Power Hour!

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 03.24.16

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One Month to Qualify for Cabo!

We have great plans this summer for exciting activities on the white sandy beaches of Cabo, and they won’t be complete without you! The qualifying period for Cabo Points ends April 22th, but it’s not too late.

The average top 50 Cabo Point earner who hasn’t yet qualified only has 8,555 points to go! They’d be completely set to join us in Cabo simply by enrolling eight new Vísi Partners on a 1000 PV Enrollment Pack and 75 PV Autoship. This incredible vacation is within your grasp!

Last year we had an incredible time on our Vísi Vacation—check out this video if you don’t believe us! This year is going to be stellar. Don’t miss out!

Many of our Partners are already racking up points for Baja Blast. Below is a list of our top 10 earners, and you can see the whole top 100 here! Way to go everyone!


Every year amazing business owners from around the world come together in one place—and the results are legendary! We’re talking about Vísi CONQUER 2016! This event built powerful relationships, ignited passion for greatness, and changed lives. For a recap on the event, you can read this blog post and listen to this call from Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis.

Vísi in a Word

Looking for a great way to share the Vísi message? Our Partners have you covered! At CONQUER 2016 they helped us film a fantastic video with each describing Vísi in one word. Check it out here!

Post-Convention CONQUER Pack

With all this extra energy from CONQUER 2016, there’s nothing we want to do more than share the event experience with you. That’s why we’ve created the Post-Convention CONQUER Pack! Buy the pack on your Online Office today for $249.99/500PV/200CV with a savings of $80 and 250 Cabo Points. Get in on the CONQUER excitement today!

Valla Sample Packs Available!

Valla has only been available for three months, and it’s already become a game-changer in our Partners’ and Preferred Customers’ lives. Now you can share this incredibly energizing product in a simple and bold new pouch. Buy them on your Online Office for $34.99 wholesale right now!

At CONQUER 2016, Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis talked about our Partners being like the tenacious honey badger. The honey badger is small in stature, but preys on creatures both large and venomous. It takes what it wants! Ryan encourages each and every Vísi Partner to be fearless in approaching others and sharing the Vísi message. The Valla Sample Pack is a great way to get started!

The Winners of the Founder’s Awards

At CONQUER 2016 we recognized three incredible Partners for their dedication, ingenuity, and excellence with our exclusive Founder’s Awards.

Arctic Premier Don Wescott received our Pacesetter Award for the momentum he built in the field. Through his leading drive for recruitment and enrollment, he recruited more than anyone since the last Convention. His passion has helped an incredible number of people start leading their best lives with Vísi.

We recognized Arctic Black Diamond Chang Yu with our Founding Partner Award. Chang Yu has been with Vísi since the beginning, and his vision changed the course of Vísi’s future. He urged Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis to expand Vísi’s reach faster than we’d originally planned, which led to great success in our Asian markets. Chang’s willingness to push through limitations has forever altered the growth of Vísi.

Arctic Ruby Priscilla Harrison achieved the Spirit of Vísi Award through embodying who we are at Vísi. She is a consummate leader who acts when others stand aside waiting. Her grace, class, and experience are traits and attributes we all wish to achieve.

Congratulations Do Xuan Tan!

Earlier this week we hosted a drawing for a $1,000 cash prize! Our Partners received one ticket for every new Partner they enrolled on a 500 PV Sponsor Pack, and two tickets for every new Partner they enrolled on a 1000 PV Sponsor Pack. In our drawing earlier this week, Do Xuan Tan from Vietnam became our grand prize winner! Congratulations!

Great Things on the Horizon

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

April 3, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Urbandale, IA
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

Decide to Achieve!

If the honey badger had internet access, it would definitely join us for Power Hour every week! Learn how to relentlessly build your business. Be part of Power Hour every Monday!

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT




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Convention. Was. AWESOME! From the wonderful people to the powerful presentations, CONQUER 2016 was an event unlike any other. It would be impossible to completely replicate such a stirring experience in words, but this re-cap email should give you a good feel for it!

Partners started pouring in on Thursday evening, dressed in their best St. Patrick’s Day green. After checking in, Vísi Partners of the ranks Arctic Premier and above hit the town for Cirque du Soleil’s mind-blowing Zarkana. Our Vísi leaders were completely stunned by the daring stunts and artful expressions of the performance.

The first general session started bright and early on Friday morning, but the room was filled with an electric energy after emcee Scott Christopher got us going with his light-hearted humor and excitement for CONQUER 2016! Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis welcomed us all and built up anticipation for what was to come. The session was filled with fun giveaways, stirring testimonials from Vísi Partners, and the introduction of new Valla sample packs!

Valla has only been available for three months, and it’s already become a game-changer in our Partners’ and Preferred Customers’ lives. Now you can share this incredibly energizing product in a simple and bold new pouch. Buy Valla Sample Packs on your Online Office for $34.99 wholesale right now!


Friday afternoon featured the inaugural Club 28 party and stunning tricks from a local street magician. Later we gathered for breakout sessions with a close eye on business training. Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis led a panel with Arctic Premier Alan Ogden and Dr. Rouse on the science of Vísi products. VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley and CFO Paul Frampton not only showed us how to take full advantage of commissions, but also taught us a flashy dance to remember the essential steps of building a Vísi business. Director of Partner Support Tylor Beveridge taught us how to be Virtual Vikings with tips on using the Online Office.

Saturday morning was packed with more great training, uplifting testimonials, and giveaways. After a delicious lunch for all attendees, we gathered in our best dress to recognize the achievements of our hardworking Partners. We laughed, we cried, and we gave out some really big checks!

Finally we hurried to change into our rockin’est outfits for the Rock Star Party! We put actual rock stars to shame with our amazing karaoke and dance performances, and we immortalized the event with sweet photo booth pics. Lady Gaga even stopped in to join us in the celebration and show off her stellar dance moves!

We’re so grateful to have so many amazing Partners who showed their dedication to leading their best lives by joining us at CONQUER 2016. The energy and enthusiasm you brought touched all of us. We hope to see you and many more Partners next year!



Break Through Update: Newly Innovated Opportunity

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Breaking news from Convention! Vísi brings you ground-breaking innovations in whole-body vitality. Lead your best life with new and reformulated products to nourish, power, and refine your body and your business.

Phöra Means Refinement Our Phöra family has grown! Phöra Rejuvenating Cream has been a favorite among those who have been able to preview it. Now it’s joined by Phöra Facial Cleanser and Phöra Rejuvenating Cream Samples so you can maximize your results and share this beautiful opportunity.


Phöra Facial Cleanser – $34.99 / 25 PV Start your skin care routine with the facial cleanser that will maximize your radiant results! Phöra Facial Cleanser provides mild exfoliation with natural jojoba beads and effectively removes pore-clogging impurities while restoring your skin’s natural glow. Then vitamin-rich arctic cloudberry prepares skin to maximize the results of Phöra Facial Cleanser’s companion, Phöra Rejuvenating Cream.


Phöra Rejuvenating Cream – $ 64.99 / 50 PV

Phöra Rejuvenating Cream Samples – $34.99 / 25 PV

Phöra Rejuvenating Cream has refined natural beauty and brought radiance back into the lives of a select few. Now it’s available for all of our Partners and customers too! Recapture the brilliance you were born with using Phöra Rejuvenating Cream’s unique prism-like composition and love the lasting difference of our hydrolyzed collagen. Then change the skin and lives of those around you with Phöra Rejuvenating Cream Samples—radiance you can share!

Discover the beautifying benefits of these two radiantly refining products in our new Phöra Video.

Shake Things Up with New Reformulations

They’re here, and better than ever! We’ve rebranded Energy to Energí and Wellness to Vara. Both products have also been reformulated to better support whole-body vitality. Energí has refocused as an energy-only drink to give you the synergistic power to succeed while Vara becomes more vitamin-centric to cover your nutrient needs.


Energí – $59.99 / 50 PV

We’ve kicked Energí up a notch with increased levels of L-arginine and D-ribose to give your body energy and metabolic support faster than ever before. GABA, green tea, and Siberian ginseng improve freedom from fatigue and mental fog. Click here to learn more about the new ingredients that power Energí.

With Energí you’ll be amply energized and able to take on anything that comes your way.


Vara – $59.99 / 50 PV

Vara’s immunity support will break through to a new level of wellness with Setria® glutathione. This patented and clinically backed master antioxidant fights free radicals and enhances the performance of virtually all body organs and systems. Click here to learn more about the new ingredients that nourish Vara.

Treat your body to Vara’s effective blend of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients so it can perform at its peak every day.

These exciting changes also come with an exciting price point! Vara and Energí have been reduced from $89.99 per carton to $55.99 per carton and 75 PV per carton to 50 PV per carton. Please note: If this affects your monthly Autoship, consider using that extra 25 PV to add new Phöra Rejuvenating Cream Samples and sharing the beautiful business opportunity Vísi offers!

Take advantage of these exciting changes and get a greater product offering for your normal value! These new product innovations are available now, so be sure to add them to your Vísi regimen and boost your whole-body vitality.



Rensa Makes Your Body Right

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When you want to kickstart your weight loss, you have to get rid of your extra junk! You might have already tossed out the fatty chips and sugary cookies in your pantry—but have you considered cleansing the impurities stored in your own body?

Our modern world is a toxic one. It overloads us with impurities that throw off the natural balance of our bodies’ systems. But you can bring back balance to your body and increase the effectiveness of your diet. It’s simple with Rensa.

Detox for FREE!

To start your year clean, we’ve included a FREE BOTTLE of Rensa in each of the first shipments of the Fit In ’15 pack. Rensa uses natural ingredients to gently cleanse and protect your body from everyday toxins. With Rensa, your digestion will improve and your body systems will balance, so you can feel well and maximize your results while you get Fit In ’15.

If you haven’t purchased the Fit In ’15 pack yet, be sure to act now! Free bottles of Rensa will only be included through January 23. Take advantage of this opportunity and eliminate the toxins holding you back. Place your order today!



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 11.13.14

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Events 2

 Let Vísi Announce Your Upcoming Events!

Planning a meeting, training session or opportunity event? Share the details with us and we’ll post and promote on our “Events” page of the corporate website. The corporate page is viewed by visitors around the globe looking for more information about Vísi, so it’s the ideal place to create awareness of YOUR business events and create buzz around the growth of the company, too.

To have your event featured, please email us at events@iamvisi. Your email should include the date, time, location, any registration information (cost, phone number, online link as necessary), and any other details that would be helpful to a prospective attendee. Get your event info in early to ensure we have plenty of time to turn the post and get the word out about your event!


Are You Shooting for the “Star”?

 Our Get Star Struck promotion makes now a great time to strive to reach the Arctic Star rank—not only will you be on your way to creating team momentum that can deliver consistent commissions, but through January 2, 2015, when you rank advance to Star, you may also be eligible for a $100 cash bonus!

And if you’re a leader, there’s never been a better time to help your Partners achieve this all-important title. When you support them with launch calls, 3-way calls to new prospects, or event support, and you have at least three personally sponsored team members hit Arctic Star during the promo, you can be eligible for a $1,000 bonus!

There are specific requirements, timing, and market eligibility surrounding the Get Star Struck promotion, so ensure you read all the details in the overview flyer, available at Online Office > Marketing and Flyers > Get Star Struck Overview.



Rejuvenating Cream Is On Its Way!

The first bottles of our extraordinary rejuvenating cream have left the warehouse and are speeding their way to all qualified Premier Partners and above, as well as all our qualifiers from our Sun Never Sets promotion—absolutely FREE. You’re going to love this product, formulated as the highest quality collagen skin care product on the market! We’re excited for you, your family, team members and prospective Partners to experience the incredible results this cream delivers, from immediate cosmetic radiance to long-term benefits including fine line minimization and improved elasticity and firmness.

And if you aren’t going to be receiving one of these first shipments, you still have time! The Partner Preview qualification window is live right now—hit pay rank for Arctic Star, Arctic 4-Star, or Arctic Premier by January 16, 2015 and you’ll be eligible to purchase a quantity of finished, branded product in February—well before it’s launched at Convention. Put your best face forward and your best business forward and join the rejuve-NATION!

 Vísi Executive Team On the Road

Join VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt as she brings the Vísi message to Japan! Kristine, corporate staff and Vísi leaders will be delivering powerful messages—as well as free rejuvenating cream to Partners who’ve earned it during our recent promo and through rank qualification—at these events, scheduled November 19-21 in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. You won’t want to miss it!


VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley is also out and about traveling in North America in the coming weeks. Please watch the “Events” page on the corporate website at for additional information and for your opportunity to work with Ben on building your team!




Helpful Hints for the Holidays

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It’s that time of year when we experience an increase in visitors, increase in the hustle and bustle of life and an increase in meals. This creates the perfect recipe for an increase in calories and, ultimately, your waistline. In fact, it seems like the only thing that is decreasing is the temperature.

If you’re like most of us, you’ll put on a pound or two by New Year’s Day—harmless holiday weight, right? Not according to the National Institutes of Health that has found that most people never lose the weightthey gain during the winter holidays. How many holiday seasons have you experienced?

Here are a few helpful tips to help you through this holiday season:

Ditch the Eggnog

Replace that calorically rich eggnog with a low-calorie Nufínna protein smoothie sprinkled with cinnamon. Traditionally used for weight management, cinnamon not only gives that extra metabolic boost, but also quenches your holiday hankerings.

Be a Pro Snacker!

Probíta provides your sweet tooth with the cravings it longs for while giving you your body the protein needed to feel full without excess calories.

Skip To My Lou—NOT Meals

Skipping is a freeing exercise that can lighten any mood. However, when it comes to skipping, make sure it’s not a meal. Always eat normally, especially on the day of any holiday party. Those that skip meals to save up calories tend to want to eat everything in sight once they get to their party destination, Eat sensibly throughout the day and add a Vínnle to power through your cravings.

Go Skinny Sipping

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, feel free— but have only one alcoholic beverage before switching to a low calorie, healthy and stamina sustaining Vísi cocktail of Wellness and Energy! And don’t worry, if you do overindulge on the less healthy options—Rensa to the rescue!

Holiday parties are much more than food and drinks. They are a time to celebrate, and enjoy the company of family and friends and focus on the spirit of the season. Follow these few tips and you’ll get through the holidays ready to rock the New Year in that LBD!




The Benefits of AC2 TECHNOLOGY™

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AC2As skin is the largest organ of the human body, we should place a large focus on its care. The aging process of skin produces wrinkles, dehydration and looseness. When we introduce habits such as smoking, drinking and even stress or lack of sleep, that aging process is accelerated. At about the age of 20 collagen starts to breakdown at a rate of 1% per year and around the age of 40, collagen deteriorates faster than it can be produced — scary, right? Not when you have Vísi’sAC2 Technology!

AC2 Technology combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge science by synergistically blending the arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein.

The arctic cloudberry has long since been renowned for its immune support and vitamin C production, which is a precursor to collagen. The cloudberry is grown in the Arctic regions of the world, ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia — making it a very rare and precious resource. The arctic cloudberry helps improve collagen absorption and natural production by reducing the damage to collagen caused by free radicals, and boosts your body’s natural production of this critical protein.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is found in the fibrous tissues throughout the body: skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, etc. Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels, giving skin its elasticity and strength, supporting joint and bone health, and the synthesis of lean muscle mass and muscle recovery.*

Pairing these two powerhouse components is what makes Vísi’s AC2 Technology so unique. Individually, both the arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein deliver impressive benefits. But blended together they form a protein juggernaut, providing you improved collagen absorption and natural production in the body.*

Better protein, better absorption and better products to lead your best life.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Fall Into Wellness This Season!

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Fall Into Wellness This Season!
by Vísi Sr. Director of Product Development Jina Anson


It’s fall—I think it’s the best time of year. The leaves are changing, days are shorter, sweaters are in fashion…it’s a great season.

Fall time also means it’s time to proactively strengthen your immune system. As the weather cools and our families are back in crowded school rooms with recirculated air and lots of germs, you’ll want your best defense for everyone you love.

Vísi’s Wellness product is a great way to complement your other strides toward strong immunity including balanced diet, exercise, ample rest, and avoiding smoking. Wellness is easy to take, it’s delicious for every member of your family, and it provides yet another line of immune support to help you “fall” into great health.


First, the basics—what is “Wellness”?  It’s a delicious multi-vitamin/mineral powder that features Vísi’s proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend. This unique formula combines an array of super nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas, and other phytonutrients–all to give you the benefits of natural Scandinavian beauty and health.*

It supports your immune system because it contains vitamins at optimal amounts to maximize absorption, specifically*:

  • Vitamin A: Helps maintain the structural and functional integrity of immune cells.
  • Vitamin C: Has been clinically shown to stimulate both the production and function of white blood cells. Vitamin C can protect the immune cells (antioxidant)
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant that protects the integrity of immune cells.
  • Zinc: Critical for normal development and function of immune cells.
  • Selenium: Required for immune function.
  • Iron: Essential component of oxygen transport and storage. Critical mineral for immune function.
  • Copper: Plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of immune system function.
  • Arctic Cloudberry: Rich in naturally occurring vitamin C, arctic cloudberry helps boost your immune system. Arctic cloudberry helps fight free radical damage, keeping your immune cells functioning properly.

A nourished body can naturally have higher immunity, which is important for all times of year—cold weather doesn’t have to mean colds and coughs. Enjoy your autumn and enjoy Wellness every day!


*These statements have not  been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Weekly Corporate Update – October 3, 2014

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Skin Care Sneak Peek

Attendees at Premier Summit in September were treated to an early look at an exciting new skin care product that will elevate and expand your business.

Co-Founder and COO Ryan Lewis unveiled the product as a “rejuvenating skin cream” with brand name, pricing and PV to be announced later. The product will be officially launched at Convention 2015, and will be available via a Partner Preview program beginning in February 2015 (see next story). The product delivers on the AC2 Technology promise—the better blend of Arctic Cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein that gives users results.

“It’s a natural fit for Vísi,” says Ryan, “because cloudberry has long been embraced in skin care. It’s a proven ingredient with real results, both immediate cosmetic benefits and longer-term therapeutic benefits. Add in the power of hydrolyzed collagen to fight the signs of aging and environment, and you have a unique and powerful product.”

Look forward to more information on skin care from Vísi and build your teams now so that you’re positioned to capture all the business buzz from this important new product!


What Is A Partner Preview?

It’s a revolutionary way to introduce products and build your business! The Vísi Partner Preview is a program that will help you order products BEFORE they are launched. By previewing a product, you can use the product yourself, build business buzz about what’s coming, and grow your team so that when a product is officially orderable, you’ll have significant momentum advantage.

We’ll be using a Partner Preview for our new skin care product, and it means you’ll want to qualify NOW to be eligible to order. There will be different packages available, with greater quantities of preview product available to those who achieve higher pay ranks.

Qualification is as simple as hitting pay rank for Arctic Star, Arctic 4 Star or Arctic Premier between September 27, 2014-January 16, 2015. (Different packages will be available for each of these ranks.)

More details will be forthcoming about shipping and packages, but now is the time to ensure you qualify to participate in the Partner Preview for this incredible new product!

141003-Vision-ConventionConvention 2015 Registration Opens

It’s coming and the time to register for this can’t-miss event is now! Our registration blitz ends October 10, 2014, and so does our lowest possible registration price.

For complete details on dates, venue, and more, visit the registration site at:

Prepare to Break Through to the next level of success with Vísi by registering for Convention today!


Cancun 2015 Incentive Trip—Qualifying Period Live!

Ready to escape to paradise? The qualifying period for the latest incredible Vísi vacation just began on September 27, 2014 and will run 32 weeks, through May 8, 2015.

Think white beaches, jungle adventures, sun-soaked afternoons, and incredible dining along with your Vísi family and a four-star resort property. Plan your escape now by downloading the Cancun Incentive Trip flyer at

The incentive trip website will be live next week, so watch the corporate blog for more information!

141003-Vision-NufinnaPacksNufínna On The Go Available Now

Snag your 10-serving pack of fantastic Nufínna, perfect for sampling to your prospective partners or taking wherever you go.

Packs are $44.99 retail, available at $34.99 wholesale (25 PV). You’ll also want to check out the new sample card you can print at your favorite photo processor, customize, and attach to every sample you share. The card is a 4”x6” jpg, so it prints just like any photo—fast and affordable. Find the card in Online Office under Library > Nufínna > Nufínna Sample Card.



Powerful Protein To Go—It’s Here!

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Product_NufinnaOnTheGoYou already know that Nufínna is packed with protein. And as of today, YOU can pack it with ease!

Nufínna On The Go 10-serving packs are now available at a retail value of $44.99, with wholesale pricing for Partners and Preferred Customers at $34.99 (25 PV). It’s a great addition to the Vísi product line—so easy to share, so easy to use, no matter where your busy life takes you.

Want to sample Nufínna On The Go? Use our new 4”x6” sample card, available in your Online Office under Library > Nufínna > Nufínna Sample Card. The file is a jpg, so you can send it to your favorite photo processor, just like any photo—and print them fast and affordably. Just add your contact information, attach to a Nufínna On The Go serving, and you’re ready to share.

Each single-serving packet delivers Vísi’s exclusive AC2 technology—the better blend of protein and arctic cloudberry. Just pour it, mix it, and drink it for 12 grams of quality hydrolyzed collagen protein, more absorptive than whey, soy, or pea proteins. Plus, you get all the anti-oxidant and vitamin boost from arctic cloudberry, too.

Whether you’re sampling Nufínna On The Go to those new to Vísi, or just tossing one in your bag for later, you’ll love the convenience of powerful protein that goes everywhere you do!



Nufínna Press Release – March 14, 2014

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Vísi® Introduces Nufínna™—the Ultimate Lifestyle Smoothie
Vísi’s Lifestyle Smoothie Features AC2 Technology™, a Blend Combining the Arctic Cloudberry and Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

Nufinna_TopPLEASANT GROVE, UT, March 14, 2014 – Vísi, a progressive global network marketing company, today introduced the seventh product in its all-natural product line during the opening session of its All Win Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The product is a lifestyle smoothie named Nufínna (pronounced new-feena). The name is a combination of Nu, for nutrition, and Fínna, a Scandinavian word that means discovery.

The Nufínna Lifestyle Smoothie is powered by Vísi’s proprietary AC2 Technology Blend. This blend features 12 grams of Hydrolyzed Collage Protein— the most absorbable form of protein available—and the Scandinavian antioxidant powerhouse Arctic Cloudberry. The Nufínna Lifestyle Smoothie has a full range of vitamins and minerals and a whole fruit and vegetable blend, which position it perfectly as a meal replacement.

Nufínna is available in a delicious vanilla flavor, making it ideal for blending with an individual’s favorite fruits and vegetables. It joins the Probíta Protein Chew as the second Vísi product that features AC2 Technology. In this blend, Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein and the Arctic Cloudberry work synergistically to create a protein powerhouse, and Vísi is the pioneer in bringing these two incredible ingredients together to create revolutionary protein products.

“Research shows that Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is the superior form of protein,” said Vísi Co-Founder and COO Ryan Lewis. “Nufínna gives you more of the protein that you need and less of what you don’t. It’s a low-calorie, nutritious component of a healthy lifestyle.”

“Nufínna is great for people of all ages and all walks of life,” added Vísi Founder and CEO Kent Lewis. “Nufínna goes beyond weight loss. This is a smoothie that can and should be taken every day. From athletes looking for a superior protein source to people looking for a healthy option to help them shed a few pounds, Nufínna fits every lifestyle.”

About Vísi
Vísi is a progressive global network marketing company that promotes personal development and improved lifestyles through the distribution of innovative products derived from Scandinavia’s Arctic Cloudberry. Founded in 2012, Vísi produces seven all-natural products aimed to improve the health and lifestyles of people all over the world. Vísi is driven by a network of Partners in over 16 international markets; including the United States, Canada and Japan. For more information, please visit



Dr. Charlie Rouse Health Tip of the Week – Why Our Bodies Need Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

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Dr. Rouse explains why our bodies need Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein. Collagen to the rescue! #Collagen #Protein #HydrolyzedCollagenProtein #Probita #BetterWithVisi

View the video here:



Introducing the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack and the Chocolate Probíta Double Pack

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To celebrate a successful 2013, Vísi has produced two limited-release packs for the holidays. These packs feature a delicious new chocolate flavor for our Probíta Protein Chews to help you add a little sweetness to your holidays.

There are two packs for you to choose from. The first pack is the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack, which features 1 bag of Chocolate Probíta and 1 Vísi Holiday Ornament. This pack costs $74.99 and has 50 PV.

The second new pack for the holidays is the Chocolate Probíta Double Pack. This pack features 2 bags of Chocolate Probíta and will be available for $129.98 with 100 PV.

These two limited-release holiday packs will only be available while supplies last, so get yours while they’re available. The Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack makes a great gift to friends and family and the Double Pack is a great way to make sure you have plenty of delicious and nutritious treats to brighten the holidays.

These two new packs are available for order immediately, so visit your EVO Back Office at, or call Vísi Partner Support at (855) 426-8474 to place your order. Since these are limited release items, they are not available as an Auto Ship or an Enrollment order. The Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack and Chocolate Probíta Double Pack are available for order in all markets except Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Norway. The packs will begin to ship on Monday, December 2nd. Vísi Partners in Europe can expect a slight delay in the shipment of their packs.

Download an image of the two new Holiday Packs here to see the Chocolate Probíta Holiday Pack with the Vísi Ornament and the Chocolate Probíta Double Packs. Order your packs now before they sell out!

Please enjoy these special holiday packs from Vísi and have a safe and happy holiday season.Holiday_Friday[1]



Momentum Pack Promotion

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More exciting news from the Leadership Meeting in Buffalo! Founder and CEO Kent Lewis just announced the Momentum Pack Promotion. Here’s how it works:

*Existing Vísi Partners who order a new Momentum Pack now until Friday, September 27, 2013, will earn 20% Dual Team Commissions from the order date!

Take advantage of this amazing promotion and order your Momentum Pack today! #betterwithvisi #visifriendzy




Rensa Pricing Updated

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Vísi has changed the price of Rensa. The new price is $29.99 with a 25 PV. Please enjoy this newly discounted price! #betterwithvisi, #visifriendzy



New Packs Announced

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Vísi has announced three new additional packs to support the 2 a Day/10 in Play system. Here are the packs:

-1 Success Kit
-1 Bottle of Vínnle
-1 Box of Probíta
-4 Cartons of 10/2 and a Chew Packs (40 Packs)
-Cost is $219.99
-150 PV/CV

-1 Success Kit
-2 Bottles of Vínnle
-2 Boxes of Probíta
-8 Cartons of 10/2 and a Chew Packs (80 Packs)
-Cost is $419.99
-300 PV

-1 Success Kit
-6 Bottles of Vínnle
-6 Boxes of Probíta
-24 Cartons of 10/2 and a Chew Packs (240 Packs)
-Cost is $1,219.99
-1,000 PV

#betterwithvisi #visifriendzy