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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 03.31.16

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It’s Our Birthday!

Vísi’s fourth birthday is this Saturday, and we have exciting news! Celebrate this incredible milestone with us this Saturday, and be the first to hear our big plans straight from the Vísi executive team! There’s a wonderful birthday gift in store for you, so make sure you’re on this month’s Corporate Call to take full advantage of a limited time opportunity.

Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, April 2nd
Time: 9:00 am PT / 10:00 am MT / 11:00 am CT/ 12:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm UK
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278
Conference Code: 487919

Don’t Miss Out on This Pack!

CONQUER 2016 was the springboard for so many incredible opportunities for Partners—don’t miss your chance to take advantage of one of the best of them! Our Convention CONQUER Pack is a simple and easy way for you to build your business! This pack comes with a spectacularly high500PV for just $249.99—more than double what that price would normally entail. Along with $80 savings and 250 Cabo Points, this is a great way to rank advance before the end of the 4-week qualification period on Friday, April 1!

Purchase your Convention CONQUER Pack today in your Online Office under CONQUER Packs and RISE UP!

CONQUER Recap Video is Here!

Relive the magic of CONQUER 2016 or see it for the first time—we’ve got our recap video ready for you. We at Vísi are always invigorated by the vision and energy of our Partners, and we’re excited to showcase the enthusiasm they shared with us at CONQUER. Check out the video here and share it with your team! We want to see you all at next year’s Convention!

You Can Still Qualify for Cabo!

The qualifying period for Baja Blast is coming to an end, but there’s still time to earn all the Cabo Points you need! You earn Cabo Points every time you personally enroll and sponsor a new Partner with an enrollment pack and Autoship. Help your new Partner enroll more Partners to receive even more Cabo Points! Keep building your team, because you’ll see even more Cabo Points when you or your personally enrolled and sponsored Partners rank advance! You can read all the details on how Cabo Points here!

Half of our Baja Blast Top 10 have already qualified! Check them out in the list below and see the whole top 100 here! Way to go everyone!

Handling Fee

Starting this afternoon, we will institute a handling fee of $1.50 USD per product order. As an international company, this fee will allow us to reduce our annual renewal fee and it will help us provide the best service possible to our customers worldwide. Thank you for understanding the important role this will play in continuing to deliver products quickly and efficiently.

Great Things on the Horizon

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

April 3, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Urbandale, IA
April 9, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Tigard, OR
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

Power Up Your Team

Power Hour participants enroll at a rate of 43% higher than non-participants. Build your team with Power Hour!

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 03.24.16

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One Month to Qualify for Cabo!

We have great plans this summer for exciting activities on the white sandy beaches of Cabo, and they won’t be complete without you! The qualifying period for Cabo Points ends April 22th, but it’s not too late.

The average top 50 Cabo Point earner who hasn’t yet qualified only has 8,555 points to go! They’d be completely set to join us in Cabo simply by enrolling eight new Vísi Partners on a 1000 PV Enrollment Pack and 75 PV Autoship. This incredible vacation is within your grasp!

Last year we had an incredible time on our Vísi Vacation—check out this video if you don’t believe us! This year is going to be stellar. Don’t miss out!

Many of our Partners are already racking up points for Baja Blast. Below is a list of our top 10 earners, and you can see the whole top 100 here! Way to go everyone!


Every year amazing business owners from around the world come together in one place—and the results are legendary! We’re talking about Vísi CONQUER 2016! This event built powerful relationships, ignited passion for greatness, and changed lives. For a recap on the event, you can read this blog post and listen to this call from Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis.

Vísi in a Word

Looking for a great way to share the Vísi message? Our Partners have you covered! At CONQUER 2016 they helped us film a fantastic video with each describing Vísi in one word. Check it out here!

Post-Convention CONQUER Pack

With all this extra energy from CONQUER 2016, there’s nothing we want to do more than share the event experience with you. That’s why we’ve created the Post-Convention CONQUER Pack! Buy the pack on your Online Office today for $249.99/500PV/200CV with a savings of $80 and 250 Cabo Points. Get in on the CONQUER excitement today!

Valla Sample Packs Available!

Valla has only been available for three months, and it’s already become a game-changer in our Partners’ and Preferred Customers’ lives. Now you can share this incredibly energizing product in a simple and bold new pouch. Buy them on your Online Office for $34.99 wholesale right now!

At CONQUER 2016, Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis talked about our Partners being like the tenacious honey badger. The honey badger is small in stature, but preys on creatures both large and venomous. It takes what it wants! Ryan encourages each and every Vísi Partner to be fearless in approaching others and sharing the Vísi message. The Valla Sample Pack is a great way to get started!

The Winners of the Founder’s Awards

At CONQUER 2016 we recognized three incredible Partners for their dedication, ingenuity, and excellence with our exclusive Founder’s Awards.

Arctic Premier Don Wescott received our Pacesetter Award for the momentum he built in the field. Through his leading drive for recruitment and enrollment, he recruited more than anyone since the last Convention. His passion has helped an incredible number of people start leading their best lives with Vísi.

We recognized Arctic Black Diamond Chang Yu with our Founding Partner Award. Chang Yu has been with Vísi since the beginning, and his vision changed the course of Vísi’s future. He urged Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis to expand Vísi’s reach faster than we’d originally planned, which led to great success in our Asian markets. Chang’s willingness to push through limitations has forever altered the growth of Vísi.

Arctic Ruby Priscilla Harrison achieved the Spirit of Vísi Award through embodying who we are at Vísi. She is a consummate leader who acts when others stand aside waiting. Her grace, class, and experience are traits and attributes we all wish to achieve.

Congratulations Do Xuan Tan!

Earlier this week we hosted a drawing for a $1,000 cash prize! Our Partners received one ticket for every new Partner they enrolled on a 500 PV Sponsor Pack, and two tickets for every new Partner they enrolled on a 1000 PV Sponsor Pack. In our drawing earlier this week, Do Xuan Tan from Vietnam became our grand prize winner! Congratulations!

Great Things on the Horizon

We love supporting our Partners’ events! If you have an event planned, please send detailed information so we can share it in future Weekly Corporate Updates.

April 3, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Urbandale, IA
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

Decide to Achieve!

If the honey badger had internet access, it would definitely join us for Power Hour every week! Learn how to relentlessly build your business. Be part of Power Hour every Monday!

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 03.10.16

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Have you heard about our two incredible promotions?

First, Phöra Rejuvenating Cream and Phöra Facial Cleanser are each buy one get one free through the end of this week (Friday, March 11th)! Take advantage of this promotion to restore the radiance and softness of your skin with Phöra Rejuvenating Cream and maximize your beauty regimen results with Phöra Facial Cleanser.

Second, we’re hosting a drawing for a $1,000 cash prize! You’ll receive one ticket for every new Partner you enroll on a 500 PV Sponsor Pack, and two tickets for every new Partner you enroll on a 1000 PV Sponsor Pack. The timeframe is Saturday, March 5th through Friday, March 18th. We’ll be holding a Convention Recap Call on Monday 21st, which will include the drawing of the $1,000 winner!

Act fast! These amazing promotions will be gone before you know it!

+Phöra BOGO is available in the following markets: Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand.
+Phöra BOGO has limited supplies.
+1,000 Cash Drawing is open to Vísi Partners in all world markets.

Congratulations Club 28 Qualifiers!

Wow! We had over 330 people qualify for Club 28! Partners all over the world kicked up their game to become part of this elite group, and we are so excited to recognize them for their achievements!

Qualifiers, we had our first Club 28 call yesterday, and we’re so excited to offer you new opportunities on future exclusive calls. Your Club 28 lifetime membership also includes a beautiful Club 28 pin and certificate, and recognition in our WCU and Best Life magazine. You’ll have access to a host of amazing Vísi CONQUER 2016 perks including: preferred seating, on-stage recognition, exclusive store access, and an invitation to our inaugural Club 28 party. And an additional 5,000 Cabo Points on top of all that! Again, congratulations to you all!

CONQUER 2016 is Next Week!

We’re only a week away from CONQUER 2016! It’s time to get off the fence and register today for the low price of $149, $50 off the regular event pricing. We need you there for all the excitement, networking opportunities, incredible announcements, and so much more!

We have an incredible agenda planned for you! You can check out a sneak peek here.

If you haven’t booked your room yet, please contact as soon as possible so we can take care of you! Rooms are limited, so please don’t wait!

Brenda’s Weight Loss Journey

Our newest product, Valla, is changing lives for our Partners and customers. Reports are flowing in from Valla users on how it’s helped them with appetite control, fat burning, and energy. Arctic Star Brenda Hair is especially excited with her progress!

“I definitely love the mental clarity and energy aspects of Valla. But for me, the appetite suppression is amazing. It’s just what I needed! From the beginning of my weight loss journey to now, I’ve lost 50 pounds. Vísi products helped me lose 30 of them.

“My weight loss journey has been slow going because I’m menopausal. But after Leader Launch I started on my goal full blown. I started taking Valla and eating better, and because Valla helped suppress my appetite, I could make better choices. After a couple weeks I even started doing cardio because I felt so good!

“I’ve lost 11 pounds with Valla specifically—I haven’t weighed this little in 23 years. Even working with a personal trainer never pushed me this far. Valla helped me break through a plateau. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Congratulations on your success, Brenda! We’re cheering you on your weight loss journey, and we’re excited to see what you achieve next.

Congratulations Don Wescott!

Vísi Arctic Premier Don Wescott has just become the first Partner to reach the second tier of Baja Blast! Don, you’ve earned both your trip and airfare now. Congratulations!

Want to be like Don? All the things you need to do to earn qualifying points are the same things you do every day to build your Vísi Business. Click here to learn more!

Many of our Partners are already racking up points for Baja Blast. Below is a list of our top 10 earners, and you can see the whole top 100 here! Way to go everyone!

Upcoming Events

This year’s corporate events are going to be amazing—don’t miss out!

March 17-19, 2016 – Vísi CONQUER 2016 – Las Vegas, NV
April 3, 2016 – Vísi Overview & Training – Urbandale, IA
June 23-27, 2016 – Vísi Vacation: Baja Blast – Cabo, MEX

The Best Hour of Your Week

Build a powerful routine and pave the path to greatness! Join us for Power Hour every Monday.

Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT



Cancun 2015 Incentive Trip Website is Live!

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Our newest incentive trip was recently announced—picture yourself at the beautiful Cancun Paradisus Resort in July, and start working for this incredible escape NOW!

Our trip website just went live, and is chock full of details about how you can qualify, different earning levels, the beautiful resort and much more.

Visit it at: to plan your escape. We’ll see you in Cancun!