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Corporate Call – August 19, 2017

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Look Who’s Elevating Now!

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With our incredibly powerful Summer Elevated Contest currently underway, we are seeing more Partners climbing the leaderboard earning some pretty “sweet swag” along the way.

And don’t forget … our Grand Prize Winner pockets a trip for 1 to the September ELEVATE event with airfare, hotel stay and transportation all reimbursed! On top of that, the Top Five winners will enjoy dinner with the Executive Team the night before at the exclusive Sundance Resort (not to mention the aforementioned “sweet swag” everyone else will collect along the way).

If the contest were to end today (8/18), the winners would be:

Hillary Summerton (GRAND PRIZE)
Candace Foy
Emmanuel Molion
Kris Ante
Amanda Goertzen

But don’t worry, you have until September 15th to earn points, so there’s still time to work your way up this very prestigious list.

Here’s who have made some waves this past week:
⬆ Emmanuel Molion
⬆ Maureen Spathopoulos
And those breaking into the Top 10 included:
⭐️  Amanda Goertzen
⭐️  Sharyn Law-Davis

Here’s all you need to do to participate:

For any new Partner or Preferred Customer enrolled JULY 22nd – SEPTEMBER 15th, you will receive points equivalent to the PV they enroll with. You will also receive points for everyone the new Partner/Customer brings into the business (1 PV = 1 Point).



Summer Elevated Contest Announced

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To help you gear up for a phenomenal Elevate Event at the corporate office in September, the Summer Elevated Contest is here to not only put some extra cash in your pocket, but also help you come to this CRITICAL event.

The contest is pretty straight forward. For any new Partner or Preferred Customer enrolled between JULY 22nd and SEPTEMBER 15th, you will receive points equivalent to the PV they enroll with. You will also receive points for everyone the new Partner/Customer brings into the business (1 PV = 1 Point). This is like amplifying your efforts down two levels.

Here’s an example: If you enroll a new Partner with a 500 PV pack during the promo, you will receive 500 Points. If that new Partner enrolls a new Preferred Customer or Partner with a 250 PV pack, you’ll get another 250 Points during the contest period.

Also note: To put a spark in your efforts to get started with the contest, we’re making it easier to earn your Rising Sun Bonus! During the first 2-weeks of the contest, the normal right-left leg requirement is being waived (until August 4, 2017). So act now, grab the extra cash and double up on your efforts to build points with this exciting contest as we all Elevate together.

For complete details, download the PDF flyer by clicking here.



Groundbreaking Corporate Call

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Fresh off the boat from Jamaica, our Vísi Leaders and Executive Team conducted a phenomenal Corporate Call last Monday. Among other things, here’s an idea of what was covered:

  • • Recap of an outstanding Jammin’ Jamaica Vísi Vacation 2018
  • • Announcement of the next Vísi Event in September
  • • Launch of the Summer Elevated Contest to help you get ready for the September Event
  • • A reminder of the power of the Rising Sun Bonus
  • … and much more!

You’ll want to listen to this one over and over for all the great details.



Vísi Overview Video Gets an Update

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When you think about all that has happened since the 5-Year Win (which is where the Vísi Story Overview video was released), you’ll realize just why this incredibly important tool was due for a much-needed update!

The video has been enhanced to include our new flagship product Immunití, features our updated corporate colors and a few other minor tweaks to make this video one of your absolute BEST tools to provide a quick and powerful overview of all that Vísi has to offer.



New Time for Next Corporate Call!

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Take Note: Because most of our executive staff and top field leaders will be just returning from the phenomenal Jammin’ Jamaica 2017 Vísi Voyage during the next scheduled Corporate Call, we’ve MOVED it to the following Monday to ensure everyone can be on the call.

You will NOT want to miss this call since we will not only get a full update of the fun and excitement that took place on the trip, but also get a full download of the jaw-dropping announcements that were presented there.

This next call will feature info about the next corporate event, a update about products (new and existing ones) and a recap of the Jammin’ Jamaica trip.

You will NOT want to miss one. So mark your calendar with the NEW DATE AND TIME:

Here are the details:
Date: Monday, July 24, 2017
Time: 5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278
Conference Code: 487919



Updated Flyers

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The Best Life Pack and Mojo Pack Flyers are updated and ready to go! With the addition of Immunití, our revolutionary new product, these packs are here to help you Lead Your Best Life.

Check out the flyers below or in your Back Office:



Jammin’ Jamaica North American Qualifiers

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Well, the deadline to earn points for Jammin’ Jamaica has come and gone, and we are honored to present the final list of those who qualified for this trip of a lifetime. Several of these created some MASSIVE momentum right up to the end to not only qualify for the trip, but to earn extra upgrades and bonuses! We salute the hard work and exceptional leadership of each of the “Vísi Victors” who not only qualified for the trip, but anyone who earn any points at all. We proudly acknowledge the final crew of “jammers” that will be joining us on our voyage to Jamaica and the Caymen Islands.

Each of these will not only be treated to a phenomenal vacation experience, but perhaps even an inside look into the future plans and direction of the company. As they dip their toes in the warm water and bask in the sun on white sandy beaches, they will be sharing time with Vísi executives … who, most likely will be able to reveal future product ideas and other ideas to help us spread our CEO’s vision of getting #immuniti in #everyhome in North America! Congratulations to you all!

#jamminjamaica #leadyourbestlife



How to Easily Earn Some FREE Immunití

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It’s SHIPPING! Now Get Some for FREE!

As the first boxes of Immunití are starting to arrive on doorsteps around North America, you can feel the excitement. Yes! The most revolutionary product of our lifetime will be received first by those who pre-ordered and enjoyed massive savings through pack purchases. If you haven’t ordered yours yet in the back office, what are you waiting for? It’s available now to add to your Autoship, enroll someone up with a 6-pack, or just to try out a box.

Tuesday nights (6/6) call featured Alan Ogden and Dr. Charles Rouse giving you some outstanding scientific background on the product and answered the most pressing questions the world has had about this remarkable product.

But the real proof comes from CEO Kent Lewis. The second he got his hands on a box and tried it, his first words were, “I can’t stop drinking this stuff!” You’ll find the refreshing flavor to be addictive and perfect for everyone from kids to their grandparents.

But Wait … There’s a Contest!

Want to earn a FREE box for yourself? It’s simple … just give us a little “social media love” and it could mean more free product on its way to you. Here’s all you do:

Once your product arrives, give it a try. Take a photo or a video of you, your family, your friends … even your mailman … enjoying the product and capture their first reactions. Post your video or photo on Facebook with the #everyhome and #immuniticontest hashtags and we’ll select 5 winners with the best posts who each will be sent a free box of Immunití. Then, we’ll select a FIRST PLACE winner, who will also receive a $100 product credit to their account to use anyway they wish. You have until June 16th to submit your posts.

So what are you waiting for? Plan now to get that Immunití in the hands of everyone you know and have your camera ready to capture the reactions from your kids to baby boomers to everyone in between! #everyhome here we come!



It’s HERE! Immunití Launches

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Did You Feel It?

The World Just Changed After Tonight’s Corporate Call.

It’s finally here! With the official announcement of the launch of Immunití, Vísi is not only kicking off the summer in a big way but also launching your health (and business) to new heights as well.If you missed tonight’s call, never fear. Here’s a quick recap:

• This revolutionary new product will start shipping within one week.

• Those who took advantage of the pre-order option will be the first to receive the product!

• You can currently order Immunití right now in your back office at its normal pricing and it is available for purchase as a single box, 2-pack or a 6-pack. (Note: One box is great if you want to try out the product while the 2-pack is an excellent autoship option. The 6-pack is a perfect enrollment option to achieve the 250 PV requirements for Partners, including the ability to trigger the Speed Bonus and Rising Sun Bonus).

To help you in learning more about this groundbreaking product, the following materials have been or will be made available to you, including:


• A comprehensive “Immunití Booklet” providing outstanding marketing insights into the benefits and competitive advantages of the product (currently available for download in your back office)

• A comprehensive “white paper” giving you the scientific background behind the product (currently available for download in your back office)

And much more to come!

So … What Are YOUR Biggest Questions!

To ensure you understand the power behind this new product launch, you will NOTwant to miss a special “Immunití Q&A” Product Call next Tuesday, June 6. This call will feature Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis along with Dr. Charles Rouse and Alan Ogden from the Vísi Scientific Advisory Board. They will be answering YOUR questions about what makes Immunití the most revolutionary product to be introduced in decades.

You can submit your questions simply be emailing them to: support@iamvisi.comwith the subject line “Immunití Q&A”.

Plan now to tune in:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
5:00 pm PT / 6:00 pm MT / 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278, Conf. Code 487919



Critical Corporate Call Moved to Tuesday

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Want to learn everything you can about the launch of Immunití? Curious as to when you can start receiving your own boxes of this revolutionary new product? Then you won’t want to miss the next Corporate Call.

Normally scheduled for this Saturday (5/27), we don’t want the celebrations of the U.S. Memorial Day weekend to get in the way of this historic announcement. Therefore, we have moved the next Corporate Call to Tuesday, May 30 where you will not only get all the details about the Immunití launch, but discover when and where a new video and other promotional materials will be made available to you. You will NOT want to miss this historic call.

Because this is an historic call, you’ll want to make sure literally everyone you know can join you on this call. The launch of Immunití will literally change the face of the nutritional market. Therefore, this call is ideal for current Vísi Partners and customers, inactive Partners you haven’t heard from in awhile, and even prospects who might be taking a first look at the powerful products and amazing opportunity we offer. In short, if you know of anyone who has a pulse and can fog a mirror, they NEED to be on this call!

To join, mark your calendar now to call:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5:00 pm PT / 6:00 pm MT / 7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET

Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278,

Conf. Code 487919



How Immunití Will Strengthen YOUR Community

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“A moment in time!” That’s how Founding Partner, Arctic Premier Randy Anderson describes the upcoming launch of Immunití on the Leadership Call held May 16. Powerful insights were provided from Science Advisory Board members Alan Ogden and Dr. Charlie Rouse who revealed why the science and research community is currently buzzing about the power of glutathione, the “master antioxidant.” During the call, these questions were answered:

  1. Why glutathione is becoming the next big trend in nutrition.
  2. How glutathione helps the liver’s ability to detox the body.
  3. Why Visi’s Immuniti is better than other glutathione products.
  4. What is Visi’s Arctic Immunity Blend and how it makes glutathione production in the body BETTER!
  5. Why the Immuniti launch will be historic on so many levels.

Tylor Beveridge also announced the ability to pre-order money-saving bulk packs of Immunití has been extended to the end of the QP to May 27, when the official launch of the product will be announced on the next Leadership Call. Also, every new Partner joining Vísi with a 250 pack or higher between now and May 27 will also receive a free box or more of Immunití, depending on the pack they sign up with.

If you missed the call, you will NOT want to miss the recording. Be sure to send this link to everyone you can to help them prepare for the upcoming launch.



Hashtag Your Way to World Dominance

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With so much excitement going on in Vísi right now, make sure you get the most of it by helping spread our CEO’s driving desire. With every post or tweet, you’ll want to get in the habit of including the #everyhome hashtag to tie in with Kent Lewis’ vision of taking, not just our upcoming Immunití anti-aging supplement, but EVERY Vísi product to EVERY home in North America.

“A consistent effort is what it will take,” Kent instructs, “To reach our audacious goal, of getting Immunití in every household in North America. And must start now and can never give up. Many of you are involved in a 90-Day Sprint for your business coming out of the 5-Year Win. But we must never take our eyes off the objective of getting Immunití in every home in North America, not just for our benefit but for the sake of the communities we live in.”

So be sure to include the #everyhome hashtag to spur curiosity and participation in this worldwide effort.



5-Year Win RECAP

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CEO Kent Lewis Unveils Plan to Redefine Nutrition and Change the World Starting at The Five-Year Win

That’s a bold headline … but April 22, 2017 marks the day the nutritional world will not forget and the starting of a 90-day sprint challenge to help all Partners advance through the compensation system faster than ever before. The 5-Year Win Event at the Encore at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas played host to an extraordinary birthday celebration for Vísi and laid the foundation for phenomenal growth during our NEXT five years.

Announcements included:

– Vision casting by CEO Kent Lewis
– Product Updates – The secrets of Orange Probíta
– The pre-launch announcement of a revolutionary product: Immunití.
– Vísi’s first Arctic Sapphire recognized
– Field leaders unveiled their 90-day action plan
– New tools were launched
– New updates for Jammin’ Jamaica

Kent’s Goal: Nothing Short of “EVERY HOUSEHOLD in No. America” To Enjoy Vísi Products, Starting with the New Immunití Anti-Aging Supplement

“We are writing a new story and it starts today!” These words were the closing challenge to all 5-Year Win attendees to help them prepare for the coming success in Vísi that a never-before-released, one-of-a-kind product will produce. Kent, with help from COO Ryan Lewis and Scientific Advisory Board member Alan Ogden, introduced the pre-launch of Immunití, a “pinnacle product” that will revolutionize the nutritional industry for decades to come and burst open doors of opportunity we have only dreamed of so far.

“If you think our FIRST five years were great, wait until you see the impact this product will have on the industry, your business, and even … the world in our NEXT five years!” Kent declared, “My vision is to take Immunití … and all our products … to every household in North America within 5 years. This goal will not only bolster each Partner’s business but ensure our rightful place as a Billion Dollar company by our 10-year Anniversary Celebration.” (See more about what is so exciting product in the following section.)

To kick off a 90-Day Challenge for all Partners to focus on to prepare for this product launch, he also reiterated the Power of FIVE in building a business by focusing on getting five new people started with their Speed Bonus, then helping them get their five. “You do this and you will see your business explode and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards that only a product like Immunití can offer!” He continued, “What’s your WHY? If you don’t have a powerful one yet, the new Immunití product will be just that … and more.”

To inspire everyone, he shared several of his favorite “motivators:”

  • “You are too smart to be the only one standing in your way.”
  • “Sweat is fat crying.”

He also provided a short lesson on going from “Good” to “Great!” (The ‘hedgehog concept’)

  • What are you passionate about? (Immunití and Probíta)
  • What can you be the best in the world at? (Immunití and Probíta)
  • What drives your economic engine? (Immunití and Probíta)

And then … he unveiled his new “audacious GOAL” for our next five years: “To take Immunití to EVERY Household in No. America. This will be our five-year quest that will push us past the $1 Billion sales mark.”


Our 5-Year Anniversary was a true CELEBRATION of providing innovative and industry-leading products all while helping the world Lead Their Best Life! But we didn’t stop there. A lot of “Live streams” on Facebook and Instagram were going out from Vegas the competitive advantages of Vísi’s “clean protein” Probíta (along with the now-sold-out Orange flavor) were highlighted.

Alan Ogden, Vísi Scientific Advisory Board member, provided scientific insights into how the hydrolyzed collagen protein of Probíta is far superior to other forms of protein available today. For one, there is no acid used to extract the protein, which in turn destroys the “aliveness” of the amino acids. He also revealed his “Probíta Secret” … that “factory farmed” animals are NOT used in the production of Probíta, which avoids using  sources that have been exposed to steroids, antibiotics, etc. This makes Probíta a CLEAN PROTEIN source that is bioidentical to our body vs. other “junk” protein the body has to change and assimilate to.

Those who pre-ordered the Orange Probíta were the first to receive their packages and the last few bags were actually sold at the event. Plans for re-releasing this wildly popular flavor were also discussed.

Immunití Announced: However, the real hit of the show was when a “Revolution in Health” was unveiled that has been 25 years in the making and the result over $65 million in research. A new product will be released by early summer that will provide unparralled nutritional support to counter the affects of aging, provide optimal immune support, and amplify the effects of any nutrition within the body.

Immunií will be more than just a “structural” supplement that delivers glutathione to the body, but will actually help the body produce more of it’s own version of this vital antioxidant, making it more accessible and powerful than any supplement available. “The key is the ratio of amino acids we are providing to help trigger the body’s own production of glutathione,” Alan said.

“This will be a ‘pinnacle product’ that no one else will ever have,” Alan said. “And I predict that for years to come, research will continue to uncover the benefits of this product as there is virtually no limit to what it can do.” He declared this product will provide the perfect “1, 2 punch” when combined with Probíta and all other products with AC2 technology as Immunití will amplify the affects of all other supplements.

Vísi will be the ONLY company to have this product technology. The launch date was slated for early June and pre-orders for Immunití were taken at the show.

As a special bonus for all attendees, free product was distributed throughout the day to help keep the energy up and the mind receptive to all the great information being presented.

Vísi’s First Arctic Sapphire Was Recognized

Me Kyong Lee provided inspiring words of gratitude and business insight as she accepted the great honor of being recognized as our newest Arctic Sapphire. Of this milestone, CEO Kent Lewis said, “As one of the key leaders in our Asian markets, Miss Lee has demonstrated outstanding leadership and a remarkable work ethic. It is appropriate that we recognize this milestone in our global growth during our 5-year celebration as it paves the way for even more Sapphires from all around the world in our next five years.”

New Tools Unveiled

With all the excitement of new products being announced and scientific updates on existing ones, other tools were provided to help spread the message of Vísi’s mission to help everyone Lead Their Best Life! These included:

  • A new Vísi Overview video (now available here on our blog and YouTube channel)
  • A new 1-minute intro video helping to celebrate our first 5 years (made available on our Facebook page)
  • Social media “shareables” were launched to start conversations about the new product, the Orange Probíta, and recap the event.
  • A new training webinar was unveiled to take place on a regular basis, starting Wednesday 4/26 at 11 am MT, to teach the effective use of your online tools, back office, etc. Sr. Director of Field Development Tylor Beveridge will record each session for those who can’t attend live. Be sure to tune in to our Facebook page and Norse Star for the announcements of future webinars, and visit our YouTube channel to review the recordings of each.

Jammin’ Jamaica Update

Two special announcements were made to make the event even better for those planning on going to Jamaica with us:

  • The deadline to earn points (and even more Jammin’ Jamaica perks) was extended to June 9, giving everyone more time to qualify for more rewards.
  • Event attendees were given a bonus 2,500 points. So instead of the promised 7,500 points, everyone received 10,000 points!

So, as a result of the 5-Year Win, we nearly doubled the number of qualifiers and made it possible for even more people to join us on the trip to Jamaica.

STELLAR Field Training

Top field leaders took the stage to paint their vision of the future and how to maximize the announcements coming out of the event. The challenge to kick off a 90-day action plan, or “sprint” coming out of the event was issued as time is of the essence to get the word out about how Probíta will lay the groundwork for the Immunití launch. Here’s a quick overview:

Rick Hagar revealed the need to engage in a 90-day “sprint” to lay the foundation for the new product, getting as much Probíta and Nuffína in the hands of as many people before the new Immunití product comes out. His challenge was “Are you gonna watch us, or run with us?” Jen Purga revealed the “Power of Five” and showed how her 90-day plan will focus on “getting five who get five” and teaching each of these to get their Speed Bonus as quickly as possible since the clock is ticking. She also indicated that an effective daily routine is what will make the difference. “You’re going to be stuff during those 90 days anyway … might as well make it something that will take your business to new heights and change your life.”

To help in putting these plans into action, Priscilla Harrison laid out an advance course in goalsetting while a passionate KayCee Mogel revealed her keys to long-term leadership.

All in attendance felt the passion … and the urgency … to act quickly to get as many new Partners in their organizations to prepare for the launch of the new product and to help qualify more for the Jammin’ Jamaica trip.

Be sure to join us on next Saturday’s Corporate Call which will feature the next new promotion and how these stunning announcements will be put into action during the next QP.

Truly, this event was and will be historic … not just as a turning point for Vísi, but for the entire industry.



New Vísi Overview Video

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Just released … an updated overview video revealing how the Secrets of Scandinavia can help you LEAD YOUR BEST LIFE!



5-Year Win Agenda

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The Five-Year Win Will Change Your Life … and Your Business!

It’s our birthday, and we’re excited to share with the world. The event will reflect perfectly the theme:

CELEBRATE – Not many companies can boast a 5-year history of success and global expansion. It’s time to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate how our last 5 years have laid the foundation for our NEXT 5 years of success!

ELEVATE – You’ll get training and insights from Vísi’s key corporate and field leaders. We’ll elevate your vision and belief in your ability to expand your business and improve the way you help others Live THEIR Best Lives.

DOMINATE – We will unveil insights into how the new Probíta flavor is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to product announcements and our ongoing strategy. Attendees will be the first to learn of the science behind our future product launches that will guarantee we will set the nutritional world on fire!

– Here’s The Schedule

Friday, 4/21:
The “O” theater at the Belagio Hotel and Resort
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
7:00 pm: Select contest winners and corporate staff to experience the stunning “O” show by Cirque de Solei.

  • Dress: Casual. Front row VIP Seating come prepared to get wet!

Saturday 4/22:
Location: Encore @ The Wynn Las Vegas
3131 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Beethoven 2 Meeting Room (Click here to download a map of the resort and meeting room location.)
Dress: Business casual
8:30 am: Check in (outside Beethoven 2 ballroom) and Doors Open
9:00 am: General Session begins

Corporate executives to announce:
– Future product strategy
– Recognition of growing markets
– Insights into our global expansion worldwide
– Future vision for company dominance in the upcoming years

Select Vísi Partners to also provide business training and personal growth insights.

* Vísi Products will be made available throughout the block.
Also, those who pre-ordered bags of Orange Probíta
will be able to pick them up during the morning session

General session will end between 1:30 and 2:00 pm with Traditional Vísi Drum and Chant signaling our commitment to excellence in the next 5 years!

Remainder of afternoon and evening available for:
– Team meetings, planning, and goalsetting
– Recording video testimonials
– Finalizing product purchase and pre-orders

We’ll see you there as we kick off our NEXT Five Years of Success and Global Dominance.




The Norse Star – 01.26.17

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Change a Life with a Free Pack!

We’ve seen the incredible giving spirit of our Vísi Partners, and we couldn’t help but extend the MOJO Buy One Gift One promotion! Through January 27th buy yourself a MOJO pack and share Vísi with someone new for free.

Participating in this promotion and sponsoring new Partners or Vísi customers will earn you Better Together Points to go toward free tickets to our upcoming spring event, 5-Year Win. We’re also doubling the Rising Sun Bonus for existing Vísi Partners. See the promotional flyer for more details.

5-Year Win Announced

Join the whole Vísi world in celebration this April at the prestigious Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will include:
•    Exclusive release of Probíta’s limited-time new flavor!
•    Elite training from top leaders and Vísi executive team
•    Groundbreaking product announcements
•    New discoveries from the Scientific Advisory Board
•    Rollout of new recognition program
•    Event-exclusive SWAG for all attendees

Sign up here to be part of the celebration and gain the mindset of a winner. Make plans to be there now—you won’t want to miss this epic event!

“O” My!: Make a Splash with Your Vísi Business

Qualify for an unparalleled aquatic entertainment experience, the “O” by Cirque de Soleil at the Bellagio. Simply sponsor a new Partner and help them earn their Speed Bonus by sponsoring two Partners of their own, and you’ll earn your way. The first twenty-five people to qualify will enjoy VIP seating at this spectacular event on Friday, April 21st, the day before 5-Year Win.

Vísi Sails Closer to Jamaica

We’re so excited to see you in Jamaica, and now it’s easier than ever to join us with our new enhanced point system! Build your team, maintain your autoship, and personally rank advance to jam with us in Jamaica. Click here to see all the new changes.

Below is our list of top twenty point earners. You can also click here to see every Partner who has earned over 3,000 points. If you’d like to know your total and don’t see your name on the list, please contact Partner Support.



The Norse Star – 01.19.17

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One Day Left to Buy One, Gift One!

Through January 20, 2017, new and existing Vísi Partners can kick off their New Year’s resolutions with the MOJO pack and get a second pack to share—for free! Participating in this promotion and sponsoring new Partners or Vísi customers will earn you Better Together Points to go toward free tickets to our upcoming spring event. We’re also doubling the Rising Sun Bonus for existing Vísi Partners. See the promotional flyer for more details.

Special Corporate Call Saturday

In place of this month’s Leadership Call, we’ll be holding a special corporate call this Saturday. With our spring event on the horizon, we have special details to share with you about this celebration of the new limited-time Probíta flavor. We’ll be announcing the location and an accompanying promotion. Don’t miss out!

Here are the details:
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017
Time: 9:00 am PT / 10:00 am MT / 11:00 am CT / 12:00 pm ET
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278
Conference Code: 487919

Vísi Swag Store is Open for Business!

Show your Vísi pride with branded polos, hats, tees, and more. With all of this variety, you’re bound to find something you love. You can order your swag today on the Vísi swag store at

New Best Life Magazine

Our quarterly magazine is here with new stories, articles, events information, and more! This handy magazine is a great way to learn directly from our executive team, and it’s easy to share to spread the Vísi message. Check it out today!

Vísi Partner’s Spanish Webpages

With our official prelaunch of Vísi in Mexico, we’d like to remind our Partners their personal Vísi webpages have a Spanish option. You can share the Vísi message with the 179-million-person market of Spanish speakers in Mexico, the US, and Canada. Just click the flag in the upper righthand corner and select the language your prospective Partner or customer would like to learn about and register with Vísi in.

MOJO & BESTLIFE Pack Shareables

Vísi’s two greatest packs are changing lives every day! You can spread the Vísi message with your family and friends on social media. We have shareables for the MOJO Pack and BESTLIFE Pack on the online office. Post them on your favorite social media and help your loved ones lead their best lives!



The Norse Star – 12.29.16

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See You Soon at Arctic Ascent!

We’re so excited to kick off the new year with you at Arctic Ascent! This special event will take place January 6-7, 2017, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, a beautiful downtown waterfront location. Here are just a few things we look forward to sharing with you there:

+ Dinner event at USS Midway Museum
+ Official Vísi pre-launch of Mexico
+ New Best Life Magazine
+ Exclusive announcements from the Vísi executive team
+ Much much more!

Vísi New Year’s Hours

Happy New Year! For your reference, here are the Vísi Corporate teams’ holiday schedules.

Friday, December 30th
US Warehouse: Closed
Corporate Office, US Warehouse, & Partner Support: Open 8 am-12 pm MT

Monday, January 2nd
Corporate Office, US Warehouse, & Partner Support: Closed

Earn Double Jammin’ Jamaica Points

The holiday cheer continues with Double Jammin’ Jamaica Points on all activity from December 3rd to January 6th. Build your team, maintain your autoship, and personally rank advance to jam with us in Jamaica next summer! Learn more about earning points with this flyer.

See the top twenty earners below and click here to see every Partner who has earned over 2,500 points! If you’d like to know your total and don’t see your name on the list please contact Partner Support.

Corporate Call Moved to January 9th

With Arctic Ascent on the first weekend of next period, we’ll be moving the corporate call to the following Monday, January 9th. Join us for a special review of information shared at Arctic Ascent and a special opportunity for January!

Here are the details:
Date: Monday, January 9, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm PT / 6:00 pm MT / 7:00 pm CT/ 8:00 pm ET
Toll-Free Number: 800-356-8278
Conference Code: 487919



The Norse Star – 12.22.16

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Merry Christmas from Kent Lewis

As we celebrate our fifth Christmas together, I would like to thank each of you for all you do to build a community of kindness, love, and success. Thank you for uplifting everyone you share the Vísi message with, increasing health around the world with our innovative products, and strengthening each other as you grow your businesses together.

All year, but especially in this meaningful season, I am joyful to be a member of the Vísi family. Merry Christmas to all and each of you, and a Happy New Year!

-Kent Lewis, Vísi Founder & CEO

Vísi Christmas & New Year Hours

We wish you a merry Christmas! For your reference, here are the Vísi Corporate teams’ holiday schedules.

Friday, December 23rd
US Warehouse: Closed
Corporate Office & Partner Support: Open 8 am-12 pm MT

Monday, December 26th
Corporate Office, US Warehouse, & Partner Support: Closed

Friday, December 30th
US Warehouse: Closed
Corporate Office, US Warehouse, & Partner Support: Open 8 am-12 pm MT

Monday, January 2nd
Corporate Office, US Warehouse, & Partner Support: Closed

Earn Double Jammin’ Jamaica Points

The holiday cheer continues with Double Jammin’ Jamaica Points on all activity from December 3rd to January 6th. Build your team, maintain your autoship, and personally rank advance to jam with us in Jamaica next summer! Learn more about earning points with this flyer.

Arctic Ascent Coming Soon!

January 6-7, 2017, we’re hosting a special event exclusively for Arctic 4 Stars and above. Relax with us in the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, a beautiful downtown waterfront location. Make your push now to become Arctic 4 Star so you don’t miss a moment of the action!