The Norse Star – 01.12.17

Norse Star Arctic Ascent Edition

Last weekend we had an incredible weekend away to the beautiful North San Diego Bay with some of our leading Partners. It was an unparalleled experience–but you don’t have to take our word for it! See what our Partners have to say.

MOJO Pack Buy One, Gift One!

January 7-20, 2017, new and existing Vísi Partners can kick off their New Year’s resolutions with the MOJO pack and get a second pack to share—for free! Participating in this promotion and sponsoring new Partners or Vísi customers will earn you Better Together Points to go toward free tickets to our upcoming spring event. We’re also doubling the Rising Sun Bonus for existing Vísi Partners. See the promotional flyer for more details.

Speed Bonus Boost

To further reward our new Partners for taking the initiative in building their businesses, we’ve raised our Speed Bonus from $200 to $250. See this flyer for more details on the Speed Bonus. The window for existing Partners to earn Speed Bonuses has closed, but they can still benefit from Vísi’s Rising Sun Bonus.

New Best Life Magazine

Our quarterly magazine is here with new stories, articles, events information, and more! This handy magazine is a great way to learn directly from our executive team, and it’s easy to share to spread the Vísi message. Check it out today!

New Enhanced Points

We’re so excited to see you in Jamaica, and now it’s easier than ever to join us with our new enhanced point system! Build your team, maintain your autoship, and personally rank advance to jam with us in Jamaica. Click here to see all the new changes.

Below is our list of top twenty point earners. You can also click here to see every Partner who has earned over 2,500 points. If you’d like to know your total and don’t see your name on the list, please contact Partner Support.

Club 28 Discontinued

At Arctic Ascent, we announced we would discontinue Club 28 in favor of a new recognition program to be revealed at Vísi’s spring event this April. We wave a fond farewell to this mile marker in Vísi history, and award all those who qualified for Club 28 with 2,800 points towards Jammin’ Jamaica!

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