The Norse Star – 09.22.16

The Norse Star is Here!

Before humans lit up the night with our electric-powered lives, the stars shone brilliant in the night sky. The bold explorers of ancient Scandinavia consulted their constellations to navigate uncharted lands. Led by these distant lights, they left their legacy across the land.

Here’s where we pick that legacy up again. Our weekly email has been transformed into The Norse Star, a guiding light to all our Partners and Preferred Customers. We’ll show you the best paths to take to grow your business with promotions, upcoming events, testimonials, and exclusive opportunities. Each email will help you navigate forward as you lead your best life.

Get the New Taste of Vara Today!

Vara has a wonderful new look and taste! Share this incredible product and the rejuvenating power of Setria® Glutathione. Through October 14, 2016 you can earn double PV on your purchase of five cartons of Vara.

Earn a $200 Speed Bonus!

The Ready, Set…Go! pack has been built specifically to help people look and feel better. It is the perfect pack for someone to have a high-impact experience with Vísi’s quality products. From September 17th to October 14th you’ll earn a $50 bonus and two weeks of 20% dual team commissions for every Partner or Preferred Customer you sponsor on this pack!

And between the two-week periods of September 17th to September 30th or October 1st to October 14th you can sponsor two Partners or Preferred Customers with the Ready, Set…Go! pack and earn a $100 speed bonus! We’ve even waived right and left leg requirements, so you’re free to build your business however you like.

Nashville Regionals This Weekend

We had a blast at Portland last weekend! There was an amazing response to the release of the Vara Pack and details on Jammin’ Jamaica.

It’s almost time for Nashville Regionals! You can still purchase your tickets on your online office! The Nashville Regional event will be held at the Airport Marriott. Join us as we unveil our newest Best Life magazine, announce the locations of the upcoming five-city tour, and reveal the location of our Leader Launch meeting to be held on January 6-7, 2017!

Vísi’s Jammin’ in Jamaica this Summer!

Imagine yourself looking over the deck of a cruise ship where the blue of the sea matches the blue of the sky. This year we’re off to jam in Jamaica with an incredible ocean adventure!

Earn qualifying points to join in the fun for free and even bring a friend! Many of our Partners have already shown their excitement with all the qualifying points they’ve earned. See the top twenty earners below and click here to see every Partner who has earned over 500 points!

Jen Purga Invited to Exclusive Event

We’re excited to announce Vísi Arctic Emerald Jen Purgahas been offered the rare invitation to join Dr. John C. Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth course for network marketing. John is well known as the number one expert on leadership in the world. It is an incredible reflection on Jen’s dedication and personal success that she was invited to join top industry leaders at this event. We hope you have a great time, Jen, and we can’t wait to hear more about your experience there!

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