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Connect Four Promotion

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Here’s a fun game: earn a Rising Sun Bonus NINE TIMES larger than normal!

From August 29-September 25, Vísi Partners can enjoy multiplying Rising Sun Bonuses. Each consecutive week a Partner qualifies for the Rising Sun Bonus it increases, until by the fourth week it’s nine times the amount of the regular Rising Sun, with a total earning potential of $5,400, or even greater!


Even if you miss a week, you can still qualify for Connect Four, but the multiplying bonus chain starts over:


Every week in a row you qualify for Rising Sun moves you to the next multiplier. Be consistent, engaged, and committed with Connect Four to come out on top!

*In the event that enrollment packs are returned, those packs will not count toward a Rising Sun Bonus and the Connect Four Promotion.
**Connect Four FAQ is available in the Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Promotions > Connect Four



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 08.20.15

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After three weeks of opportunity through the Push to the Summit promotion, it’s almost time to say goodbye. This multi-faceted promotion ends at 11:59 pm on Friday, August 21, 2015. Capitalize on the Re-Up, Double Rising Sun Bonus, and discounted One Day-Diet Pack before they’re gone!
For more information on the Push to the Summit promotion, go to the Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Promotions > Push to the Summit.



Stories connect us with a world bigger than ourselves. They can enlighten us, encourage us, and change our perspective. Partners and customers with life changing experiences drive Vísi, so we’re opening up a section in our Weekly Corporate Updates with inspiring personal stories.
This week’s story comes from Arctic 3 Star Lindsay Shaw of Portland, Oregon.

In 2013, I changed my eating habits for the better and joined a boxing class two or three days a week. No matter how well I ate or how hard I worked out, I couldn’t get past a fitness plateau I encountered.
I started the Vísi product line in 2014 and overcame that plateau. In a three-month period I went from a size 12 to a size 6!

What amazes me is my scale says I’ve only lost 8 pounds. But from 2014 to 2015, I’ve continued to lose fat and have gained lean muscle as well. I’ve even dropped down to a size 4.
I used Vínnle, Probíta, and Rensa during my initial weight loss, and then introduced Nufínna to power up my workouts with more hydrolyzed collagen protein. Now I also use Energí, Vara, Phöra Facial Cleanser, and Phöra Facial Cream in my daily regimen. I’ve never felt healthier in my entire life than I do now!

Thank you for sharing, Lindsay! We are so glad you are part of Vísi.
We welcome all Vísi Partners and customers to tell us how Vísi has changed their lives. If you want to send us your story, email the details to



End of Qualification Period for Premier Summit

The view from a mountaintop offers incredible perspective, and so does the Vísi Premier Summit. Qualify by Friday, August 21, 2015 and join our executive team in the beautiful Park City, Utah. Experience a weekend of insider information, training, team building, and fun—we can’t wait to see you at the top!
For more information on Premier Summit, go to the Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Events > Premier Summit.



The world is taking note of Vísi! In last week’s Weekly Corporate Update, we announced the success of the Vísi Asia Premier Convention. Business for Home featured it on their site. Vísi’s global business continues to expand, and we look forward to more people learning our story and benefiting from our innovative products.



Vísi is about building a community of people who want to lead their best lives and helping them achieve those dreams. Network with your community on the Official Vísi Facebook page today! We’ll keep you up to date on daily Vísi news and help you connect with Vísi Partners like you. 



Don’t miss out on the best workout you can give your business! Build your whole-business vitality and earn exciting prizes through Power Hour this Monday!
Time: 12 pm MT & 6 pm MT
Dial-in Number: 213-416-1560
Attendee PIN: 280 3027#



August 29, 2015 – Boot Camp to Vísi Premier, Greensboro, NC
September 10-12, 2015 – Premier Summit, Park City, UT




Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 08.13.15

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This month truly is an exciting time to be a part of Vísi. Last Friday was one of the single largest sales days ever. We had two first-week Arctic Premiers, and a first-week Arctic Emerald. We also had over 1,700 in attendance at our Asia Premier Convention. We are off to an amazing start this week with the One-Day Diet pack promotion as well. There is so much to be celebrated! Read on for the latest events and announcements from Vísi.


Asia Premier Convention Draws 1,750 Attendees

Last week Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis and COO Paul Frampton flew to Vietnam to host Vísi Partners and guests at the Asia Premier Convention. Excited Partners from Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, and Hong Kong flocked to the Convention in Ho Chi Minh City, where a total of 1,750 attended.AsiaCon1Joseph Nguyen, the General Manager of Vísi in Vietnam and his team put together an incredible event, held at the GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the premier venue in Vietnam. Partners watched in awe as traditional Vietnamese dancers opened the event. Then Kent and Paul, along with Vísi Artic Black Diamonds Rick Hagar and Chang Yu, treated them to breakthrough presentations. The first day ended with a spirited party for Arctic 4 Stars and above, where Partners networked and formed friendships to last a lifetime.AsiaCon2

The second day of the Asia Premier Convention focused on intense training. Kent addressed Vísi’s foundation and future as a leading company in the industry and Paul detailed the many benefits of Vísi products. Chang taught Partners how to endure challenges by having a “millionaire mindset”, and Rick emphasized the importance of unity in building a business. Arctic Ruby Minh Vu Phan and Arctic 4 Stars Topper and Lhot Reyes gave Partners detailed instruction on building business that will blossom in their regions.AsiaCon3

Thanks to these Vietnam Partners and their dedicated teams, activity and success is steadily increasing in Vietnam. Joseph Nguyen also plays an important role in developing the area, overseeing offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and a total of 24 Corporate employees. This excellent team is already making plans for Vietnam’s next event.
While traveling out to the Vísi Asia Premier Convention, Kent and Paul also visited other markets in the region. Kent was impressed by the energy of Partners in the Philippines, and Paul with the dedication of the Partners in Hong Kong. These markets are blossoming, and we’re looking forward to opening markets in more regions around the world. Vísi’s global business continues to expand even more rapidly, and we couldn’t be more excited to help so many people lead their best lives.

Special Corporate Call this Saturday

We’re having a special Corporate Call this weekend! We have an exciting announcement for our Partners and Preferred Customers! Join us on this Saturday, August 15, 2015.
Here are the details for the call:
Time: 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT/ 12 pm ET / 5 pm UK
Toll-Free Number: 1.800.356.8278
Dedicated Dial-in: 1.951.797.1058
Conference Code: 487919


Push to the Summit Reminder

There’s one more day to save of up to 44% on a special One-Day Diet pack! The One-Day Diet Pack includes innovative products for a full 28-Day cycle:

  • 2 bags Nufínna®: Satisfy your hunger and fuel your body*
  • 2 bags Probíta®: Snack better and promote lean muscle mass*
  • 1 bottle Vínnle®: Increase your metabolism and burn more calories*
  • 1 bottle Trímma®: Invigorate your mind and control your cravings*
  • 1 bottle Rensa®: Eliminate toxins and promote healthy digestion*

Additional resources are available on the Online Office. Log on today to utilize the One-Day Diet FAQ, Partner flyer, and customer flyer. You can also find a 30-minute audio file from Dr. Rouse explaining the One-Day Diet, and a short introduction video from Dr. Rouse.


Importance of AC2 Technology™

Vísi’s AC2 Technology has changed lives with the powerful antioxidant arctic cloudberry and highly absorbable hydrolyzed collagen. This week, Vísi has released a new resource on the benefits and scientific background of AC2 Technology. Read it today and gain greater insight into what makes Vísi’s innovative products so powerful.

imgo (2)

The Power Hour phenomenon is transforming businesses! Capitalize on the most important hours of your week by joining us every Monday. You could be one of our weekly prize-winners.
11 am PT / 12 pm MT / 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm UK
Registration Form:
Dial-in Number: 213-416-1560
Attendee PIN: 280 3027#
5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET / 1 am UK
Registration Form:
Dial-in Number: 213-416-1560
Attendee PIN: 280 3027#


August 13, 2015 – Vísi Business Overview & Training Event, Portland, OR
August 29, 2015 – Boot Camp to Vísi Premier, Greensboro, NC
September 10-12, 2015 – Premier Summit, Park City, UT



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 08.06.15

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There’s one day left to achieve greatness with Push to the Summit: Re-Up & Elevated Rising Sun Bonus! Make your final push to reach Arctic Premier and qualify for Premier Summit with help from this two part-promotion only available until August 7, 2015.

Part 1: 20% Re-Up Make every step on your journey to Premier Summit count. Existing Vísi Partners who purchase a 1000 PV pack or personally enroll two new Partners on a 1000 PV pack are eligible to Re-Up. Automatically receive 20% in Dual Team Commissions for 24 weeks! Part 2: Elevated Rising Sun Bonus A new opportunity is dawning! The Elevated Rising Sun Bonus allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the Rising Sun Bonus without the concerns of enrolling in both the left and right binary legs, while also taking advantage of the Re-Up opportunity. Here’s how it works:

  • Enrolling Vísi Partner must be on an Autoship of 75 PV or greater.
  • In a one-week period (from Saturday at 12:01 am MT through Friday at 11:59 pm MT), the Enrolling Vísi Partner must do one of the following:
    • Enroll two new Vísi Partners with an Enrollment Pack that currently awards an Enroller Pack bonus, and sign them up with an Autoship of 75 PV or greater.
    • Have two previously personally enrolled Partners Re-Up by purchasing one of the 1000 PV packs.
    • Have a combination of one new Partner signing up with a qualifying Enrollment Pack as well as an Autoship of 75 PV or greater and one previously enrolled Partner purchasing a 1000 PV pack during the promotional period.

If the above requirements are met, the Enrolling Vísi Partner will receive a bonus equal to 50% of the Enroller Pack Bonus for each new enrollee with a qualifying Enrollment Pack.

For the Push to the Summit flyer, FAQ, and shareables, go to Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Promotions > Push to the Summit. Don’t delay—now is the time to achieve greatness!


Escape to Paradise Recap Video

Earlier last month, the qualifiers for Escape to Paradise joined our executive team in Cancun for an exciting weekend of friendship, relaxation, and fun! Now you can get the full inside scoop with our Escape to Paradise recap video. We look forward to you joining us on our next vacation!

Summit-banner_USwebsite Now is your time to be a leader—to lead your best life. Join our executive team at the beautiful Park City, Utah and experience a weekend of insider information, training, team building, and fun! Qualification ends August 21, 2015. Take advantage of our Push to the Summit promotion to achieve greatness with this exclusive opportunity!
For a detailed flyer on how to qualify, visit your Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Events > Premier Summit.


Asia Premier Convention

Vísi Partners in Asia have a new opportunity to lead their best lives this week on August 8-9, 2015! We’re hosting an Asia Premier Convention in Vietnam to support these quickly growing Vísi communities. This opportunity will provide these Partners with new ways to Break Through to higher levels of success that ever before! Join us next week for an overview of their experiences!

imgo (1) Kickstart each week with Power Hour and see your Vísi business productivity skyrocket! If you need a little extra motivation, Vísi also awards weekly prizes for participating Partners. Call in and power up your business every Monday!

upcoming-WCU[2] August 13, 2015 – Vísi Business Overview & Training Event, Portland, OR
August 29, 2015 – Boot Camp to Vísi Premier, Greensboro, NC
September 10-12, 2015 – Premier Summit, Park City, UT