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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 06.26.15

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Double Rising Sun is Still Shining!

Double Rising Sun has shone down on us for our Spring Into Summer promotion, energizing our whole-business vitality. There’s still one more day to take advantage of this incredible opportunity—Spring Into Summer ends today, June 26, 2015. Double your summer sunshine with Double Rising Sun and earn up to $800! Here’s how:

2 Enroller Pack Bonuses for New VPs
on a 1000 PV Pack (one on right binary
leg, one on left) = $400
Rising Sun Bonus x 2 = $400
Total = $800

For complete details of the Spring Into Summer promotion including a flyer, FAQ, and social media shareables, visit your Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Promotions > Spring Into Summer.


Corporate Announcements

July Corporate Call

Receive great opportunities for whole-business vitality from Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis. Join us on the July Corporate Call this Saturday, June 27, 2015.
Here are the details for the call:
Time: 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT/ 12 pm ET / 5 pm UK
Toll-Free Number: 1.800.356.8278
Dedicated Dial-in: 1.951.797.1058
Conference Code: 487919
Corporate Office Closed on July 3

Also, The Vísi Corporate Office will be closed next Friday, July 3 for the Independence Day holiday. Partner Support will be available for the special hours of 8 am – 2 pm MT. Though the Vísi Corporate Team will be out of the office, commissions will still be processed and paid as usual that day.


Rank Advancements

Vísi Partners have embraced all the opportunities of summer this month and had spectacular success. We’d especially like to acknowledge the accomplishments of John & Sherrie Busswood and Jim & Gloria Payne, who have advanced to Arctic Ruby. Congratulations on leading your best lives!



Vísi Corporate Promotions

We are excited to announce Betty Carter’s promotion to Legal/Compliance Manager at Vísi Corporate Headquarters. Many of you have had the opportunity to get to know Betty during her three years in Partner Support, and we look forward to her bringing her dedication and talents to her new position.

With Betty’s move to the Legal/Compliance department, we are excited to let you know that Tylor Beveridge has accepted the position of Director of Partner Support. Tylor’s experience, expert skillset, and incredible support of Partners will play a large role in our continuing efforts to improve processes, and provide the very best Partner and customer experience possible. We’re excited to have him leading our skilled Partner Support team!


Last Chance to Qualify!

At Vísi we want to recognize you for all of your personal breakthroughs and achievements. That’s why we’ve created Best Life—our quarterly recognition ezine. For all Partners who want to be spotlighted, today, June 26, 2015 is the last day to qualify to be included in the next issue of Best Life.

Any Partners who have rank advanced to Arctic Star or above since the previous issue of Best Life will be recognized by name, and Partners who have rank advanced to Arctic Premier or above will be spotlighted in a personal article on their journey to become a Vísi Leader. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to learn how you, personally, lead your best life!


Aspire for Premier Summit

We know our Vísi Partners reach for great heights. To celebrate all your aspirations, join as at Premier Summit this September 10-12. Designed for Arctic Premiers and above, Premier Summit is an exclusive event where Vísi Leaders can experience a weekend of insider information, training, team building, and fun with the Vísi Executive Team! When you qualify by August 21, 2015 you can join Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis and all the Executive Team at the stunning New Park Resort Hotel in Park City to learn and be inspired!
Make sure your sights are set on Premier Summit, and get qualified by August 21, 2015. For a detailed flyer on how to qualify, visit your Online Office > Tools > Documents and Media > Events > Premier Summit.


Time to Win!

You can bring a new aspect of portability and convenience to your Vísi business with an iPad Mini from Power Hour! The winner of the Power Hours held on June 15, 22, and 29 will win a free iPad Mini. Join us on Monday, June 29 for your final chance to participate, and the winner could be you!
This week’s winners have earned some great Vísi product and are in the competition for the iPad Mini. Congratulations Sherial and Joe!


June 27, 2015 – Vísi Regional Meeting, Ankeny, Iowa



Rank Advancements

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We’ve had an incredible number of rank advancements in the past month. Over 120 Partners have advanced to rank of Arctic Star and above! We’re so grateful to all of our Partners who have chosen to lead their best life with Visi.


Arctic Star

  • Barbara Ann Erswell
  • Becky Park
  • Brauckmiller, Jenny Brauckmiller
  • Brooke Cherfils
  • Cally Van Blerk
  • Carmen Erswell
  • Carolyn Reibel
  • Christie M Pierce
  • Cong Voc Pham
  • Cris Williams
  • Czeslaw Bielaczyc
  • Dana J Gustafson
  • Dave Balance
  • Deanna Ham
  • Debby Runner
  • Deborah Law
  • Delores Bos
  • Donna Graham
  • Eligio Ma. P Santos
  • Gabriela Michalik
  • Heather J Marshall
  • Irene Abbott
  • Izabela Kolasa
  • James Schornick
  • Jeanne M Schrapps
  • Jenna Benicki
  • Jennifer Channell
  • Jessica M Larson
  • Kayla Heisler
  • Lindsey L Jasmer
  • Louis Wayne Ellerson
  • Marc Lalonde
  • Masahiro Oka
  • Miriam E Whiting
  • Monica January
  • Nguyen Duy Dinh Tran
  • Nicholas, Joanie M Nicholas
  • Richard C Clippard
  • Rudolph R Dobesh
  • Sandra Bright
  • Tasha Potopas
  • Teri Vickerson
  • Terri B Powers
  • Them Thai
  • Thi Diep Truong
  • Toshiko Imai
  • Tracy Reese
  • Tu Nguyen
  • Un Ae Kwak
  • Van Huu Pham
  • Victoria Payne

Arctic 2 Star

  • Beata Bierman
  • Blair H Wilding
  • Candace Foy
  • Candice Percy
  • Carl Ellerson
  • Cathy Wong
  • Cindy Kirk
  • Connie D Stewart
  • Danielle Davies
  • Derrick D Baillie
  • Donna G Nelson
  • Donna Hackworth
  • James Ellis
  • Jeremy R Armstrong
  • Jodie Bell
  • Julie Rains
Arctic 2 Star cont.

  • Kate Lyons
  • Kelly Smith
  • Kurt A Pendergrass
  • Marcie Curtis
  • Maria L Young
  • Patricia Nuzzo
  • Patti Griggs
  • Phuong Nam Luu
  • Robin Necci
  • Rosemari A Wall
  • Sandy L Strode
  • Sarah Arnett
  • Tim Filuk
  • Van Nhan Giap

Arctic 3 Star

  • Ann Marot
  • Everett Pies
  • Jadwiga Malewicki
  • Kaisa Nalewaj
  • Krissa R Martillo
  • Layne R Morgan
  • Lindsay Shaw
  • Mike Fong
  • Penny Blevins
  • Sally A Martin

Arctic 4 Star

  • Angela R Mann
  • Avery L Wheelock
  • Casie Schornick
  • Dawn R Anderson
  • Debbie Henshall
  • Dedra Skinner
  • Jill M Restik
  • Katrina Holmes
  • Lila Elliott
  • Robin Grigsby
  • Rochelle B Carpenter
  • Serena Ashcroft
  • Sharol L Grunst
  • Stacy Kleemeyer
  • Teresa Andres
  • Teresa Pritchard
  • Toni Ward
  • Tracey Tolin

Arctic 5 Star

  • Angelo Rosati
  • Ann Clippard
  • Brenda Grosenick
  • Brenda Hair
  • Brenda Johnston
  • Coach J Wilhelm, Inc.
  • Donald L. Wescott
  • Donna L Cummins
  • Gina Morelli
  • Jennifer L Wimberly
  • Julene Valitutto
  • Leslie Pierson
  • Michelle Ratter
  • Minerva White
  • Robert Olivan
  • Shawn & Emily Stoik

Arctic Premier

  • Brenda Hair
  • Sherman Unkefer
  • Shawn & Emily Stoik
  • Krista Sheriff