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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 01.29.15

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Early Edition Corporate Call

February is coming fast upon us! To make the most of the month, we’ve moved our Corporate Call forward a week. Join us on Saturday, January 31 at 10 am MST and learn about the game-changing promotions that will have you breaking through and seeing double!
Time: 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 pm CST/ 12 pm EST
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-356-8278
Dedicated Dial-in: 1-951-797-1058
Conference Code: 487919


Power-Up Podcasts

The Vísi Leadership Development team is committed to empowering you to succeed. Hot off the heels of the implementation of the Power Hour, we are thrilled to introduce the Power-Up Podcasts.
The Power-Up Podcasts are intended to provide a library archive of audio content intended to inspire, educate and power-up our Partners’ potential. As each new podcast is released it will be promoted via the WCU and our social media outlets. Socialize for success with our Power Hour and Power-Up Podcasts!
You can find the first of the Power-Up Podcasts here:


Vísi Videos

The Vísi Global YouTube Channel is just like our Partners using Phöra—it’s putting its best face forward! Along with the addition of our new Lead Your Best Life With Vísi video, we’ve rebranded, reorganized, and refined our YouTube Channel. It’s easier than ever to find the videos you need with our specialized playlists. Take advantage of these immersive tools and visit Vísi Global on YouTube today!


Get Social!

Stay connected with all of the exciting things happening at Vísi by following our I Am Vísi Facebook Page. It’s an easy way to keep up-to-date with announcements and keep motivated with Vísi promotions. Speaking of motivation—our Motivation Mondays are a great way to start your week strong! All of our social media ads are built to inspire you to Lead Your Best Life and help others to do the same.
To get the most out of I Am Vísi click on the “Like” button on the right-hand side. Then click the down arrow and select the “Get Notifications” button. This will make sure that all I Am Vísi posts make it into your Facebook news feed. Don’t miss another update—get social with Vísi today!


Congratulate and Celebrate

You can now recognize your team members rank advancements with our new social media ads. The ads are available in a variety of designs and can be easily edited with the name, location, and picture of your rank advancing team member. Find them in Online Office > Message Center > Library > Marketing and Flyers > *New* Rank Advancement PPT 1, *New* Rank Advancement PPT 2, or *New* Rank Advancement PPT 3. Show your team members you care and look the social media ads up today!


Another Week, Another Winner

Fit In ’15 is going strong and getting us in shape! Read how Marketing Writer Rachel Oaks is getting her body and her wallet in shape in her blog special Fiscally Fit In ‘15 Then be sure to watch this week’s Fit In ’15 Vlog to see if you’re our Fitbit winner! Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis fills in for Vísi Founder and & CEO Kent Lewis this week and show us a bit of his office workout routine. Click the image above for the video.

Cancun WCU

Scoreboard Update

How are you doing on earning points toward qualifying for Escape to Paradise? Check the updated scoreboard and see if you’re in the top 100. If you’re feeling behind, don’t worry! Join us on the Corporate Call this Saturday to see what opportunities we have to help you qualify!


Arctic Premier
Masayo Nebu                       
Yukari Ide
Arctic 4 Star
Ikuyo Hoya
Dinh Hoa Vu
Minh Vu Phan
Arctic 2 Star
Cong Bang Huynh
Rachelle D McIntyre-Nicholson
Thi Mong Le Nguyen
Thi Thu Thuy Nguyen
Everett Pies
Yaeko Takiyama
Whole Health Solutions 

Arctic Star
Anh Thu Do
Robin Grigsby
Tan Phong Huynh


Arctic Star (Cont.)         
Jodie Kampen
Khanh Thy Le
Akina Morita
Gerry Mullen
Yumiko Nagato
Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen
Keiko Oka
Jill & Lease Russell
Minako Seki
Yukie Suzuki
Hiroko Taniguchi
Thanh Thoang Trang
Barbara Vargas
Debbie J Williams
Tomoko Yano
Misayo Yasui
Herback, Tanis

Nicholson, Jonathan W  
Moore, Destiny A
Cook, Brianna P                     
Rickman, Terry




Fiscally Fit In ’15

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My friends and I joke that anyone who thinks healthy eating is affordable either still lives with their parents or believes that Top Ramen is a nutritious dining choice. But to be honest, my own eating habits before joining the Vísi team were both unhealthy and expensive.

I was always in a rush in the mornings, so I almost never packed food for work. My lunch breaks were full of pizza, tacos, chicken strips, and French fries. When that wasn’t enough, I snacked on office candy to tide myself over. Then I’d come home, so undernourished I had no strength left to cook—so it was take out for dinner. Delivery if I was feeling really tired.

Eating out added up in my checkbook and bathroom scale. I had gained twenty pounds in a matter of three months. I was spending hundreds of dollars on food full of fats and sugars. I felt like I was doing anything but leading my best life.

Cut to the present day. I’ve been participating in the Fit In ’15 community challenge for almost a month now. I have Nufínna for breakfast and lunch, and I snack on Probíta. Vínnle has been my constant companion. I’m down seven pounds since mid-December, and I feel confident about what I’m putting into my body. And with the affordable price of the Fit In ’15 pack, I’m feeling pretty good about my bank account, too.

During the three months before I started at Vísi, I spent an average of $369.33 monthly on fast food and take-out. In the past two months, I’ve spent an average of $137.85 on food that nourishes my body to complement my Fit In ’15 products. If you consider that I’m saving approximately $150 on my Fit In ’15 pack, along with my grocery bill savings of  $231.48, I’m basically getting paid to lose weight and get healthy! That’s an expenditure I’m comfortable with.

If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll join me, CEO & Founder Kent Lewis, and the entire Fit In ’15 community in this challenge. Losing weight with the Fit In ’15 pack is easier than I thought possible, and the peace of mind it affords me makes it all worth it.



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 01.23.15

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Live in Luxury at Convention 

The M Resort Spa Casino is an award-winning luxury hotel that is committed to providing a total guest experience—and for the weekend of April 24 & 25, we will own it! Join us as the M becomes Vísi, filled with Vísi branding and Vísi Partners because The M is doing just that—filling up. Don’t miss out and end up commuting from the Strip. Be surrounded by your fellow Partners and make Convention an opportunity to network. Reserve your room now!

For more information about the M and how to reserve your slice of luxury, please visit


Let’s Blue This Thing! 

Take part in this spectacular Leadership Event and start Convention off with a bang! On Thursday April 23, 2015, all eligible Partners are invited to bring a guest of their choosing for dinner and a show—performed by the explosive Blue Man Group! Join us for the light, music, and laughter by reaching the rank of Premier or above and pre-registering for Convention by March 27, 2015.


Train, Develop, Grow

Break through to increased levels of financial reward and team growth. Convention is your opportunity to receive training and leadership development from some of the best in the industry. Gain the skills that you need to bring you to the next level. Your business will thank you!


Breakout to Break Through 

Be part of Vísi’s first ever breakout sessions—excuse us, Break Through sessions. These intimate and focused gatherings will take place on the Friday of Convention. Gain deeper insight on specific topics and take home the roadmap, system, and playbook you need to start your own breakthroughs. Convention is a great time to gain excitement and be the first to hear announcements, but it’s also about empowering you to Lead Your Best Life. Find the tools you need to expand your leadership opportunities at Convention’s Break Through sessions.


A Beautiful Business Opportunity 

Widen your horizons with our newest product and business opportunity! Get a front row seat for Phöra’s official launch at Convention. While you’re there, be sure to stop by our Vísi store to see what Phöra can do for you personally. An on-site aesthetician will operate an Emage machine to gauge the current condition of your skin and briefly review the results with you. Learn your skin’s needs then treat it to Phöra for visible results!


An Evening to Remember 

Come celebrate with us at our Night of Recognition. Reach the rank you would like to be recognized for by March 27, and then make Vísi history by being part of this inaugural event! We invite you to come dressed to impress, but comfortable enough to dance the night away at the After Party, as recognition turns into a dance party. It’ll be a blast!


Convention Agenda

Excited yet? We are—so don’t miss out! Plan your whole Convention weekend by checking out the Convention Agenda. See you at Break Through Convention 2015!




Rensa Makes Your Body Right

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When you want to kickstart your weight loss, you have to get rid of your extra junk! You might have already tossed out the fatty chips and sugary cookies in your pantry—but have you considered cleansing the impurities stored in your own body?

Our modern world is a toxic one. It overloads us with impurities that throw off the natural balance of our bodies’ systems. But you can bring back balance to your body and increase the effectiveness of your diet. It’s simple with Rensa.

Detox for FREE!

To start your year clean, we’ve included a FREE BOTTLE of Rensa in each of the first shipments of the Fit In ’15 pack. Rensa uses natural ingredients to gently cleanse and protect your body from everyday toxins. With Rensa, your digestion will improve and your body systems will balance, so you can feel well and maximize your results while you get Fit In ’15.

If you haven’t purchased the Fit In ’15 pack yet, be sure to act now! Free bottles of Rensa will only be included through January 23. Take advantage of this opportunity and eliminate the toxins holding you back. Place your order today!



January Vísi Sales Call Tomorrow 6 pm MST, January 20, 2015

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Vísi Partners,

Power up your hour with the the January Vísi Sales Call. Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 6 pm MST. VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley will host this month’s call and teach you to duplicate the results of our wildly successful Power Hour with your own team. The Sales Call will also feature insights and training from Arctic 4 Stars Shawn & Emily Stoik and Arctic Premier Priscilla Harrison. Be on the call for awesome ideas on how to recruit and build your team.

The Sales Call is held on the third Tuesday of every month. It is a vital part of powering up your business, so we hope you will take the opportunity to join us each month.

Now is a great time to mark every third Tuesday on your calendar!

Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Time: 6 pm MST (8 pm EST, 7 pm CST, 5 pm PST, 1 am UK)
Toll-Free Number: 1.800.356.8278
Dedicated Dial-in #: 1.951.797.1058
Conference Code: 487919

-Vísi Corporate Team



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 01.15.15

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The “Why” of Vísi

No matter who you are or what’s holding you back, Vísi can help you move forward. At Vísi, we help people discover their inner leader, so they can have the health, wealth, and freedom of their dreams. That’s why we’ve created our new trademarked tagline—“Lead Your Best Life.”
In addition to Vísi being a leadership company, it is also an innovator in whole-body vitality. Embracing the whole-body vitality message, we have classified our products into three categories that encompass the different aspects of that identity: Nourish, Power, and Refine. Keep an eye out for new marketing materials that integrate all of these incredible new branding strategies to better build your business.


Vísi’s New Video Goes Viral!

Last Saturday we released our new Corporate Overview video: Lead Your Best Life with Vísi. Even though it’s only been launched six days it’s reach has been incredible! The feedback on this video has been amazing and we encourage you to share it with your prospects to inspire them to find their inner leader!


Leader Launch Highlights

Leader Launch 2015 was a huge success! Although it’s never the same to live an event vicariously, you can read the highlights of this amazing event on our blog.
One of the things we’re really excited about is our new Milestone Earnings program! From this point moving forward, at earning milestones of 250k, 500k, 750k, 1M, and beyond you will be contacted by our Partner Support and asked if you would like to opt into the Milestone Earnings program. If you chose to opt in, we’ll recognize your success with a social media shareable, meaningful lifestyle gift, and Convention spotlight. However, we recognize not Partners are comfortable sharing information of this nature, so no Partners will be compelled to opt in.


When One Window Closes, Another Opens!

Our Leaders were ecstatic about the branding reveal of the newest member of the Vísi family that took place during Leader Launch. Skincare now has a name and a face: introducing Phöra! Leaders were so impressed by Phöra that they took advantage of the meeting attendance perk and pre-submitted their Partner Preview orders in anticipation of this beautiful business opportunity.

You too can receive early access to this incredible new product if you qualify for Partner Preview by tomorrow, January 16. The order window opens January 17 and closes January 30! For those who qualified, keep an eye out for more information coming your way as soon as the window opens on January 17 at 8am MST.


Make Every Minute Count

For a great way to make inviting prospects more fun, join us for our new Power Hours calls! Our formidable Leadership Development will teach you how to get out of your comfort zone and make sharing and inviting a more enjoyable experience. Your participation will pay off in more than just your recruitments—weekly prizes will be awarded to participants! The Power Hour information is as follows:
Date: Every Monday starting January 19
Time: 12pm and 6pm MST
Toll-Free Conference Line: 1.800.356.8278
Dedicated Line: 1.951.797.1058
Access Code: 897615


Going Strong with Fit In ’15

We’re still going strong on our Fit In ’15 challenge, and we hope you are too! For extra motivation, make sure you’re checking in with your Fit Flyer, which is detailed on the Vísi blog. And don’t forget to watch Kent’s vlog below to find out this week’s Fitbit winner!




Commit to Fit

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If you’ve received your first shipment of the Fit In ’15 pack, you’ve probably noticed our friendly Fit Flyer. This flyer was designed as your personal trainer to lose 15 pounds in 15 weeks in 2015. Let’s check out how it helps you do just that!


These are tools to sculpt your Fit In ’15 body! Cutting calories out of your diet is easy when you replace two meals with satisfying Nufínna. Add four Probíta a day to that to cut out fatty snacks from your diet and get vital protein. Don’t forget to use two Vínnle a day to kick any left over cravings! Finish your day with a sensible dinner and you will be set for success in 2015.


The greatest thing about the Fit In ’15 program is that it’s healthy, manageable weight loss. By eliminating a mere 500 calories a day you lose one pound each week. The USDA reports that a 6” sub and a bag of chips is 436 calories—when you compare that lunch to the 90 calories of one serving of Nufínna and a Probíta, you can see how easy that is to achieve with the Fit In ’15 pack. Pair this with increased activity and you’ll feel even better, with even better results. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water  (cutting out sugary sodas) not only staves off hunger pains, but also cuts empty calories, energizes your muscles, and makes your skin look smoother. When you check these three items off every day, you can feel confident you’re on the right track!


Slap a selfie on it! Post your before pic on the flyer along with your starting weight and date. At the end of the challenge, compare it to your after pic. 15 pounds later, you’ll be looking great and feeling great, too!


Remember how much you’re saving! Don’t break your resolution for pricey snack runs. You can do this—you’ve got 40g of pure quality protein every day. Your body has what it needs—don’t let bad eating habits trip you up and sneak cash from your wallet.


Finally, keep your thoughts positive. Every day when you look at the Fit Flyer hanging on your fridge, remind yourself, “My body will be Fit In ’15.” You can do this, and the Fit Flyer is here to help you every step of the way!

To print off a copy of the Fit Flyer, go to Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>Fit in ’15 Fridge Flyer.



Leader Launch 2015 Highlights


LL-Blog-Big01 Leader Launch 2015 was a huge success! Although it’s never the same to live an event vicariously, here is a highlight reel of our amazing event in San Diego this weekend. Leader Launch 2015 kicked off Friday night with a wonderful meet & greet. This was an incredible opportunity for our Leaders to meet and connect with each other. Following the reception, many teams hit the town together to dine, celebrate and prepare for the next day.LL-Blog-Small01

The tone of the meeting Saturday morning was set with passion as Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis gave his opening address and presentation. He reviewed our progress since the company launched in 2012—sharing that Vísi currently generates more revenue in one day than we did in our first month. Kent is excited for what will unfold during 2015, as we are poised for a phenomenal year.


Our current and future success is captured in our new trademarked tagline, Lead Your Best Life. VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt revealed the tagline that perfectly exposes the heart of this life-changing company.  Kristine went on to define who we are as a company—an innovator in whole-body vitality. As part of this, our products are now classified in three categories: Nourish, Power, and Refine. Keep an eye out for new marketing materials that integrate all of these incredible new branding strategies to better build your business. LL-Blog-Small03

One of these key marketing materials that gives this new messaging a voice is the new Corporate Overview video that also launched this weekend: Lead Your Best Life with Vísi. See it featured on our YouTube channel and share with others to spread the Vísi message. LL-Blog-Small04

We made great steps in sharing the Vísi message during our Power Hour led by VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley. During this one-hour segment our Partners set more than 270 appointments! It makes a huge difference to treat inviting as something you want to do, rather than something you have to. Ben also announced that Power Hours will be a regular feature with Vísi. The Power Hours will be hosted by Leadership Development and will take place every Monday at 12 pm and 6 pm. They will be an incredible way to propel your business forward in 2015.

Our stellar compensation plan is another way to propel your business. CFO Paul Frampton created a clear and simple path on how we use the compensation plan to fulfill our mission of creating “thousandaires.” This can be done quickly and repeatedly to drive income for new Partners. Taking advantage of our compensation plan and earn income through commissions, bonuses, and product sales.

Something else you’ll want to get excited for our new Online Office system, which will launch in the first quarter of 2015, as announced by COO & Founder Ryan Lewis. This system will allow for a much more user-friendly experience featuring functions such as mobile marketing and customized reporting. Just think: your business in the palm of your hand!


Ryan also revealed what will be the newest member of the Vísi family of products—the first in the Refine category. Skincare now has a name and a face: introducing Phöra! Phöra is a Scandinavian word that means refine or refinement. It also means a great business opportunity for you! We’ve launched an opportunity brochure, flyer, sample card, FAQ sheet and more for this new product at Online Office > Message Center > Library > Phora. Remember, the qualifying window for early access to Phöra via Partner Preview closes this Friday, January 16. Make sure you qualify for an early start to sample, share, and build your company with this amazing product!

For more ways to build your business, Director of Leadership Development Brandon Smith focused on using Partner Support to your advantage. Whether you’re looking for information online, on social media, or by calling in, Partner Support exists to make your Partner experience perfect. We encourage our Partners to stay connected and informed through diligent subscription to the WCU, following our “I Am Vísi” Facebook page, and the corporate blog at

LL-Blog-Small05 Director of Marketing & Events Brittani Lambert shared more ways that you’ll be receiving the Vísi recognition you deserve. We’ll celebrate our Partners’ birthdays with Happy Birthday emails, and Premiers & above can expect a bouquet of flowers as well! Earning milestones of 250k, 500k, 750k, 1M and beyond will be recognized with a meaningful lifestyle gift and a social media shareable to celebrate, through an opt-in program. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your success with social media shareables for specific rank advancements. LL-Blog-Small06

Leader Launch meetings ended on a high note with a challenge from Kent. You are responsible for your Vísi business, so Kent invites you to think, act, and be a CEO with him. Don’t be dependent—be interdependent. Don’t be reliant—be reliable. This is your opportunity to Lead Your Best Life.

At the end of the night, we were treated to a delicious dinner while cruising around the San Diego harbor. The city looked beautiful lit up, and it was the perfect backdrop as we danced the night away. A stunning fireworks show was a wonderful end to a fabulous weekend.

We thank all the Leaders that came and participated this weekend. Throughout Leader Launch, we had a number of opportunities to hear incredible testimonials and gain great motivation from Partners. We look forward to hearing more of your future successes.

We’re so excited for the launch of 2015. We’ll see you in April for your break through!



Introducing Rachel Oaks

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Rachel Oaks has recently joined our Vísi corporate team as a Marketing Writer. Her creativity and command of language brings vitality to the Vísi message. You can find her signature touch on our blog, weekly corporate updates, and marketing materials.

Writing has always been Rachel’s greatest passion. She’s drawn to the written word’s ability to communicate ideas clearly—she’s always on the hunt for not just the “right” word, but the best word. Her love for writing led her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Southern Utah University.

Immediately after graduating, Rachel headed to Japan, where she spent over a year teaching English as a foreign language. Helping her students learn a new language taught her how clear communication can change lives. This idea has driven Rachel’s success in her work positions since then.

Rachel is excited for her new home at Vísi and wants to bring all Vísi Partners and Preferred Customers closer to leading the lifestyle they want. Rachel brings positivity and an inviting smile to the office each day. We are over the moon that she has decided to be a part of the Vísi family.



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 01.08.15

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Pick Up the Pace

January 2015 is full of opportunities for you to grow your business! First, take off with our New Year’s Dash For Cash and your stepped up efforts to enroll Partners will have a big payoff at each finish line. Remember, when you enroll new Partners, you’ll also move up the Escape to Paradise scoreboard and be more likely to qualify for our exciting Partner Preview.

The first week of this promotion ends tomorrow, January 9, and it starts up again on Saturday, January 10so act fast. Your New Year’s Dash For Cash potential is unlimited!
For more information log on to our Online Office:
Online Office>Marketing and Flyers> Dash for Cash FAQ
Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>Dash For Cash Flyer

Cancun WCU

 “Double Dip” to Escape in 2015

Whether you’re racing with Dash For Cash or focusing on helping others get Fit In ’15—or both!—your successes will let you “double dip” for points towards Escape to Paradise. Check out our scoreboard update to see if you’re in our top 100 point achievers. Even if you’re not, there’s still time! Use this month’s promotions to propel you up the chart. We’ll see you on the beach!
For more details about Escape to Paradise, visit


 Be Social. Stay Motivated. Get Fit!

Fit In ’15 is in full swing! Join us in losing 15 pounds in 15 weeks in 2015. Use our Fit In ’15 pack to get the beach-ready body you want for Escape to Paradise—and maybe even a Fitbit Flex! Check out the video below for an update on Vísi Founder and CEO Kent Lewis’s Fit In ’15 progress and the first Fitbit drawing. If you’ve purchased the Fit In ’15 pack, be sure to watch it–he might name you as a Fitbit Flex winner! Then be social with our online community on Facebook and stay motivated with Fit In ’15 blog posts on


For more information about Fit In ’15, visit our Online Office:

Online Office>Marketing and Flyers> Fit in 15 Promotion Rules
Online Office>Marketing and Flyers> Fit in 15 FAQs


 Partner Preview Window Closing

Make your final push for Partner Preview! Don’t wait to try this exciting new product in the billion-dollar beauty market. Achieve on of the ranks listed above for samples of this fabulous product before its official launch at Break Through. Hurrythe qualifying window closes January 16!

For more information, visit Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>Partner Preview.


Leave 2014—Launch 2015!

Our Vísi Leader Launch is this weekend, January 9-10. This exclusive event for 4 Star Partners and above will focus on charting a fantastic 2015. We’ll be unveiling our newest brand and getting team-building plans. Those attending will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the future of Vísi by sharing their insight on key initiatives for the upcoming year. Be on the lookout for a quick event recap on Monday, January 12.


 December Rank Advancements

Arctic 5 Star
Fumiko Hiyama
Yukari Ide
Masayo Nebu

Arctic 4 Star
Satsuki Higashimura
Jennifer Marsh
Brenda Murray
Sonoko Shinohara
Arctic 3 Star

Kazuhisa Okano

Arctic 2 Star
Pamela Destri
Yoko Nagami
Ommanipadmehum Garden Limited
Michelle Ratter
Ichiro Shimabara
Reika Shimohara
Holly D Skinner
Misae Takita
Tomoteru Tamari
Jody L Wiersema
Tania Yanchycki

Arctic Star
Guadalupe Augustin
Jacqueline Balacko
Sheila Boesen
Sharon Brisebois
Dr. Lum Shun Sui Susie
Heidi A Duchow

Arctic Star (cont.)
Kristine Fierce
Tamiko Fujita
Roxanne L Gacayan
Stephanie Ganske
Maddison K Gray
Andrea Griffin
Patti Griggs
Health Is LLC
Jessica Higgins
Taeko Honma
Michiyo Ishitsuka
MIchimasa Iwashima
Yuri Kidoura
Daishi Kobayashi
Yumiko Konishi
Machiko Kuribayashi
Sandy Ma
Jadwiga Malewicki
Wayne McDougall
Susan Melrose
Kiyomi Minami
Aki Nishikawa
Peterson, Karla J
Sumiko Sato
Tadatoshi Sato
Valerie Smith
Deborah Stevens
Keiko Takahashi
Michelle Tjelmeland
Tracey Tolin
Robin Tufte
Rosemarie A Wall
Jennifer L Wimberly
William C Wingert
Katsuhiko Yokota



Partner Preview: Push to Qualify

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Skin care: it’s a multi-billion-dollar global business…and growing.  There are many beauty products, but only a few true breakthroughs. Vísi’s new product is just that— a beauty breakthrough with technology that sets it apart.

Now is your time to get an “in” to use, sample, share and build your business using this incredible product months before its official launch at Break Through Convention. To qualify, you must hit pay rank eligibility for the titles above at least one time during the qualifying window of September 27, 2014-January 16, 2015. For more information, visit Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>Partner Preview. Earn your Partner Preview today!



Introducing Jimmy Araneda

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Jimmy Araneda is one of the newest members of the Vísi corporate team. As a Graphic Designer, he works to communicate the Vísi message in a vivid visual format. If you’ve seen any images in the last few months on our blog, Facebook, or weekly corporate updates, you can bet Jimmy had a hand in them.

A life-long love of art led Jimmy to his career in graphic design. Drawing and painting have been his pastimes since childhood. So while he started his education at Salt Lake Community College with a major in Chemistry, his passion for creativity led him to graduate in Graphic Design.

After graduation, Jimmy began freelancing as a graphic designer. His involvement with a wide variety of companies helped solidify his skills and gave him the vital experience that makes him such an asset at Vísi.

Jimmy specializes in collateral design. At Vísi, he designs many of the flyers and brochures you can find on our Online Office. He is an expert at interpreting the needs of the Marketing Department into powerful graphics. We’re thrilled to have him on our Vísi team!



New Year’s Dash For Cash

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Break Through the Blues:
January 3, 2015-January 17, 2015

Break through the post-holiday blues and start the new year off racing to replenish your wallet with our New Year’s Dash For Cash promotion! This two-week promotion rewards your quick efforts with a big payoff at each finish line.
Between January 3-9, sponsor a minimum of two new Partners on a Break Through pack (or any 1000PV pack) and your Sponsor Bonus will be doubled for each new Partner enrolled. On January 10, the clock resets and you have another opportunity to double up on the Sponsor Bonus from your new enrollees.
Your New Year’s Dash For Cash earning potential is unlimited!
Find more information log on to our Online Office:
Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>New Year’s Dash for Cash FAQ
Online Office>Marketing and Flyers>New Year’s Dash for Cash Flyer



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 01.01.15

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January Vísi Corporate Call

This is the call that will give you the jumpstart you need to succeed in 2015! Here’s what to expect from the Vísi Corporate Call scheduled for Saturday, January 3 at 10 am MST.

This all-star call will be presented by our entire executive team! VP of Leadership Development Ben Riley will start us off with more information about Leader Launch, our exclusive opportunity to build your leadership skills and gain the tools you need to succeed with Vísi. Then VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt will be getting us revved up for our resolution community challenge—Fit In ’15!

Our featured segment will be given by CFO Paul Frampton. He will unveil our new recruiting promotion for January 2015. The promotion starts January 3, the same day as the Corporate Call, so make sure you’ve called in and are listening closely!

After that, Vísi Founder & CEO Kent Lewis will share our Vísi visions and goals for the new year. And Vísi Co-Founder & COO Ryan Lewis will spotlight our new product and opportunity in the growing market of skincare! Then we’ll round it all up with a few of our all-star Partners—Arctic 5 Stars Cary & Jen Bennett, Arctic Premier Julie Litke, and Arctic Emerald Jen Purga.

Don’t get left behind—join us for our Vísi Corporate Call!

Here are the details for the call:
Date: January 3, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am MST (9 am PST/11 am CST/12 pm EST)
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-356-8278
Dedicated Dial-in: 1-951-797-1058
Conference Code: 487919




Ready. Set. Revolutionize!

We are so excited to get Fit In ’15! Join us in losing 15 pounds in 15 weeks in 2015. Purchase the Fit In ’15 pack for the quality Vísi products that will nourish your body and help you shed those extra pounds. Then be social with our online community and stay motivated with your friends and Partners on Facebook and the Vísi blog, Don’t forget that if you purchase the Fit In ’15 pack December 27-January 23, you will receive a FREE Rensa! You will also be eligible for the Fitbit drawings starting January 8! Now is the time to rock your resolution!


2015: A Year to Remember!

2015 is a chance for new growth and opportunity. We have great plans to make this year our best yet. Here’s a sneak peak!

In April, join us at the Break Through Convention for training and leadership development. You’ll break through to new, greater levels of financial reward and team growth! Register before March 23 for a $10 savings. Visit for more information.

Don’t forget our new product launch that coincides with the Break Through Convention. This unique product features our exclusive ACTechnology and offers the chance to break into an exciting new market for Vísi!

Then in July, Escape to Paradise with Vísi. Qualify before May 8 to join us for an all-inclusive resort experience at the Paradisus Cancun! Visit to find out more about this wonderful getaway!

At Vísi, we’re always looking for new ways to help you Live Your Best Life. Expect more awesome things coming your way in 2015!