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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – October 30, 2014

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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – October 30, 2014


Product PowerPoint—Fuel Your Business with this New Presentation

Vísi offers incredible business opportunity through powerful products. Share that product message easily, quickly and with the business punch your events need by using our latest Partner PowerPoint presentation. With information about all current Vísi products, plus information about the features, benefits and ingredients of our upcoming skin care product, this presentation will help you share the complete Vísi product story. Reference the helpful notes and talking points included with each slide. Find the new presentation in your Online Office under Marketing and Flyers at “PartnerProductPPT through Convention 2015.”


Promote Your Event with New Flyers

Get the word out! Whether you’re hosting a small gathering in your home, or planning a big event for one hundred, getting attendance to a business-building event starts with a simple and clean marketing message. Share the when-what-why-who with one of our new Partner Event flyer templates. There are a couple of options for you to choose from to suit your needs (whether you include photos, additional information, etc.) All templates are available as PowerPoint slides because they’re easy to modify and easy to save in a format that posts to social media, and can also be printed or attached as an email. Want to know how to customize and use the flyer templates for yourself? Just check them out in Online Office > Marketing and Flyers > Event Flyers. There are step-by-step instructions in the “notes” field of each slide to help you create a great event flyer!


One More Day Until “Sunset”

Our incredible “Sun Never Sets” promotion is drawing to a close tomorrow, October 31. We’ve had great results—check out top performers on our scoreboard, posted here. And remember, you still have one more day to sponsor a new Partner on a 1000PV pack, drawing you closer to eligibility for a free skin care sample and the chance to double your Rising Sun bonus as well! For full details, check out the flyer in Online Office > Marketing and Flyers > Sun Never Sets—Overview.


Pair Up for Breast Cancer Awareness

Vísi and YOU—together we make a great pair in the fight against breast cancer. We’re striving to double our sales of Wellness (last two weeks of October compared to the last two weeks of September). If we do, we’ll double our $1,000 donation to $2,000 to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Be a part of this great effort and get your Wellness order in now—pair up with us!



Congratulations to Our Newest Member of the Leadership Development Team!

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Congratulations to Our Newest Member of the Leadership Development Team!

Vísi is committed to helping our field develop and grow, and Misty Millet has been a huge advocate of that very goal since the company’s inception.

Misty began working for Vísi before the company was officially launched in 2012. She has filled roles as a Team Lead in Partner Support and now her newly appointed position as the Premier Services Specialist—an extension of the Leadership Development Team.

“I am looking forward to further developing my already established relationships our incredible leaders, while creating new ones with those that are up-and-coming. I find it incredibly fulfilling to be a part of helping them achieve their goals,” says Misty.  Misty brings a hard-working, driven and unceasingly kind work ethic to all that she does and we hope you join us in congratulating her on her new position.



VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt Reports from the Road

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What an incredible weekend! VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt here. As a relative newcomer to Vísi, I was excited to be able to travel with CEO and Founder Kent Lewis and Master Partner Rick Hagar to two events in the past week. I hoped to meet many more Partners, share my enthusiasm for this growing company, and learn, learn, learn. I was delighted and impressed—Vísi has something no other competitor has, and it was incredible to feel the energy in the rooms as people caught the vision for what this means for them and their families!



First stop was Iowa, where great leaders including Melissa McGuire, Hillary Miller, Shelli Bice and Mark and Alinda Hale put on a dynamite evening and are growing great teams. And with good reason! Nine individuals shared brief but powerful personal experiences, from life-changing weight loss to improved flexibility and even longer, thicker hair. Mark Hale did a great job talking about each unique Vísi product. The products are SO simple to understand, easy to use, and impossible to not be excited about.

In Toronto, Arctic Ruby Diane Talbot treated attendees to an event packed with great information, including a fantastic wellness presentation led by Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Steve Rallis. Everyone learned so much, and it’s clear how powerful hydrolyzed collagen protein is as a nutritional supplement—our Probíta and Nufínna really are breakthrough products no one else can compete with.


In both cities, we were treated to incredible business sessions presented by Rick Hagar and Kent Lewis. Kent has such a strong vision for building this company and targets paying out $50 million in commissions by the end of next year. With our current momentum, we’re on track! Also, I love Rick’s approach to building a lasting business: USE the products, TALK about the business, SHARE the tools for duplicating success. So simple! It’s both an easy and a fun business, he reminded everyone, if we’ll allow it to be.

Thanks to the great partners who made these events shine; we’re looking forward to more inspiring events and incredible growth in 2015. Let’s make it happen!



New Vísi Arctic 4 Stars Shawn and Emily Stoik Featured on Business for Home Website

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Shawn and Emily Stoik

Shawn and Emily Stoik are Vísi’s newest Arctic 4 Stars, a rank they achieved in their first week. They are the model of the “work from home family” and their goal is to help other families achieve success. They are seasoned and successful network marketers, and their story is being told on the MLM news website Business for Home ( Click here to learn more about Shawn and Emily and their journey to Vísi!



Weekly Corporate Update – October 23, 2014

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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 10.23.14

It’s An Event-ful Time of Year

It’s an event-ful time of year and we’re here to support your team!

Come Monday, October 27, you will find three customizable templates in Online Office in which you can choose from to promote your team meetings. These templates will include one for Opportunity meetings, one for Training meetings and one that incorporates both. These templates create an easy way to get the word out about your event by printing, posting or sharing however you like! If these designs don’t tickle your fancy, you are not limited to using them. Please feel free to create your own that clearly establishes that this is a Partner-sponsored event.

The support doesn’t stop there! As announced last week we have provided on-site event support by way of a PPT template now available in Online Office. This is a great asset to use to share your message in meetings.

Online Office has an increasing amount of tools designed to support you and your growing business. Please note that if your event does not have a corporate representative, the corporate office does not provide customized promotional material, giveaways, signage, A/V, etc.

Additional support will be forthcoming by way of developing helpful guidelines and resources to support Partners who are interested in having a corporate representative participate in a Partner-sponsored meeting.

Look for all this content in an Online Office near you! As of today you can find the Partner PPT in Online Office at Library > Marketing and Flyers. As of Monday, you will be able to find the three new event promotion templates in the same location.



Sun Never Sets Promotion—Final Week

We are counting down to the final week of The Sun Never Sets promotion — don’t miss out on your time to shine! Find out where you and your team members stand by checking out the Sun Never Sets Scoreboard [insert link]! To help your team continue to build bigger and brighter, please make sure they have the easy-to-use marketing collateral that explains the benefits of the promotion and helps your new Partners make the most of the new Break Through sponsor pack (available in US/CA/NZ,AU).

The Sun Never Sets flyers are available under “Marketing and Flyers” and the Break Through pack flyer is available under “Packs and Price Lists” in Online Office.

Flyers include:

Don’t let the sun set on this business-building powerhouse promo by using it to its fullest potential by sponsoring up to nine new VPs on 1000 PV packs before this promotion is maxed out!


Being Early Pays Off!

Early Bird registration pricing is in full effect powered by the chance to get your registration for FREE!

Every Vísi Partner who has a minimum of 10 personally sponsored Partners who register for Convention during the Early Bird registration timeframe, October 11—December 31, will have their Convention registration cost 100% refunded!

You already know it’s the party and training event of the year, and you’ll definitely want your friends and team members THERE. Why not be there for free? Refunded registrations are awarded at one (1) per qualified Partner/Partnership account and will be processed in mid-January.



The Benefits of AC2 TECHNOLOGY™

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AC2As skin is the largest organ of the human body, we should place a large focus on its care. The aging process of skin produces wrinkles, dehydration and looseness. When we introduce habits such as smoking, drinking and even stress or lack of sleep, that aging process is accelerated. At about the age of 20 collagen starts to breakdown at a rate of 1% per year and around the age of 40, collagen deteriorates faster than it can be produced — scary, right? Not when you have Vísi’sAC2 Technology!

AC2 Technology combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge science by synergistically blending the arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein.

The arctic cloudberry has long since been renowned for its immune support and vitamin C production, which is a precursor to collagen. The cloudberry is grown in the Arctic regions of the world, ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia — making it a very rare and precious resource. The arctic cloudberry helps improve collagen absorption and natural production by reducing the damage to collagen caused by free radicals, and boosts your body’s natural production of this critical protein.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is found in the fibrous tissues throughout the body: skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, etc. Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels, giving skin its elasticity and strength, supporting joint and bone health, and the synthesis of lean muscle mass and muscle recovery.*

Pairing these two powerhouse components is what makes Vísi’s AC2 Technology so unique. Individually, both the arctic cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein deliver impressive benefits. But blended together they form a protein juggernaut, providing you improved collagen absorption and natural production in the body.*

Better protein, better absorption and better products to lead your best life.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Fall Into Wellness This Season!

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Fall Into Wellness This Season!
by Vísi Sr. Director of Product Development Jina Anson


It’s fall—I think it’s the best time of year. The leaves are changing, days are shorter, sweaters are in fashion…it’s a great season.

Fall time also means it’s time to proactively strengthen your immune system. As the weather cools and our families are back in crowded school rooms with recirculated air and lots of germs, you’ll want your best defense for everyone you love.

Vísi’s Wellness product is a great way to complement your other strides toward strong immunity including balanced diet, exercise, ample rest, and avoiding smoking. Wellness is easy to take, it’s delicious for every member of your family, and it provides yet another line of immune support to help you “fall” into great health.


First, the basics—what is “Wellness”?  It’s a delicious multi-vitamin/mineral powder that features Vísi’s proprietary Scandinavian Berry Blend. This unique formula combines an array of super nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas, and other phytonutrients–all to give you the benefits of natural Scandinavian beauty and health.*

It supports your immune system because it contains vitamins at optimal amounts to maximize absorption, specifically*:

  • Vitamin A: Helps maintain the structural and functional integrity of immune cells.
  • Vitamin C: Has been clinically shown to stimulate both the production and function of white blood cells. Vitamin C can protect the immune cells (antioxidant)
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant that protects the integrity of immune cells.
  • Zinc: Critical for normal development and function of immune cells.
  • Selenium: Required for immune function.
  • Iron: Essential component of oxygen transport and storage. Critical mineral for immune function.
  • Copper: Plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of immune system function.
  • Arctic Cloudberry: Rich in naturally occurring vitamin C, arctic cloudberry helps boost your immune system. Arctic cloudberry helps fight free radical damage, keeping your immune cells functioning properly.

A nourished body can naturally have higher immunity, which is important for all times of year—cold weather doesn’t have to mean colds and coughs. Enjoy your autumn and enjoy Wellness every day!


*These statements have not  been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 10.16.14

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Vísi Weekly Corporate Update – 10.16.14


Help Vísi Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Good things come in pairs, right? And when we say pair, we mean YOU and Vísi, of course! We can be a powerful pair in the fight against breast cancer. In the last TWO weeks of October (October 18-31), PAIR up with us to promote Wellness, and you may help us DOUBLE our donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Here’s how the challenge works: Vísi has committed a $1,000 donation to the foundation. But if you help promote and sell Wellness during the challenge and we double the volume from the last two weeks of September’s sales, Vísi will double the donation to $2,000! It’s that easy. So pair up with us and let’s double the donation as we promote Wellness for a great cause!


Partner PPT Resources Debut To Support Your Events

There’s so much excitement happening at Vísi, from product announcements, Convention planning, Cancun incentive trip, and executive team expansion to guide our momentum and growth. To help you share these messages with professionalism and ease, we’ve created two new tools for you to use, available now in Online Office. The first is a blank PowerPoint template with timely branding you can use to create and share your own presentations. The second is a ready-to-present PowerPoint presentation, complete with all updated images, information and talking points and scripts—just download to your laptop and you’re ready to give an incredibly easy and compelling presentation!

Both of these new resources are intended for use between now and Convention (April 2015). You may use the completed presentation as is, or adapt and add to it for your specific business and team needs. You can find these PowerPoint resources in Online Office at Library > Marketing and Flyers.


Sun Never Sets Promotion—Got Collateral?

The Sun Never Sets promotion is off to an incredible start! We’re seeing great numbers of new Partners and incredible rank advancements just in the first week! As a reminder, we’ve created some easy-to-use marketing collateral that explains the benefits of the promotion and helps your new Partners make the most of the new Break Through sponsor pack (available in select markets).

Don’t let the sun set on this business-building powerhouse promo—make sure you download the three flyers and start sharing them with everyone you know! The Sun Never Sets flyers are available under “Marketing and Flyers” and the Break Through pack flyer is available under “Packs and Price Lists” in Online Office.

Flyers include:

  • Break Through Sponsor Pack flyer
  • Sun Never Sets: Join Vísi Now flyer—a great tool to share with prospects
  • Sun Never Sets: Overview—a fantastic reference for Partners about all elements of the promotion


MMMMMMake Your Reservation Today!

And speaking of Convention, our Break Through registration blitz delivered unprecedented early registrations—higher than ever before in company history! If you’ve already registered for Convention, the next step is to book your hotel room at the M hotel in Las Vegas. We have a great Partner rate of $139 USD per night and a room block that’s filling fast. Call the M hotel directly to book your stay now, at 1-877-673-7678 and ensure you mention that you are with the Vísi convention group.


 Congratulations, Back To School Besties

We know you’re excited to hear who was the best of the best in our Back To Business promotion. The results are in!

Here’s a reminder of how the promotion worked. From August 30, 2014, through September 26, 2014, you would receive a cash bonus for every one of your Personally Sponsored Partners who sponsored a new Partner on a 500 PV or greater Enrollment Pack. Your bonus would be $25 for every $100 in Sponsor Pack Bonus your Personally Sponsored Partners received.

There was an additional double bonus associated with this promotion. The Vísi Partner whose Personally Sponsored Partners sponsored the most new Partners on 500 PV or greater Enrollment Packs during the promotion period would have their Back to Business Promotion Bonuses doubled. Congratulations to Suguru Nishiooji, who earned an extra $600 bonus for winning the double bonus. That’s a total of $1,200 for Suguru from the Back to Business promotion!

To view the final results of the Back to Business promotion, download the scoreboard by clicking HERE.



Meet Alan Ogden, Vísi’s Newest Scientific Advisory Board Member

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Alan Ogden

At Vísi’s September Premier Summit, we welcomed Partner Alan Ogden to our growing Scientific Advisory Board, joining Drs. Charlie Rouse and Steve Rallis. We’re excited for the contributions, expertise and abundance mentality Alan brings to the company and to the board and spent a few minutes getting to know him better and what drives him to excel.

Vísi: Tell us a little more about your journey as a health care professional, Alan. Where did it begin?

Alan: As long as I can remember I wanted to be a pharmacist—kind of an unusual choice for a young boy. Actually, I didn’t know that is what they were called, I just wanted to be like the man who gave me some medicine when I was a scared, sick little guy staying with a great auntie in a big city after the sudden passing of my father. I was 5 at the time, and apparently had remarked to my auntie: “Someday I’m going to do that; make people feel better.” Then, two months prior to my sixteenth birthday, I was hired in a local drugstore in our small town. It felt like home immediately! That started what has now turned into a 45+-year journey into the study of “how to make people feel better.”

Vísi: Your passion really shows in your choices! It’s clear you emphasize the “CARE” in health care. Can you share a little about your educational credentials, too?

Alan: Sure. I have a bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.Sc.Ph.) from the University of Alberta, Canada, as well as a diploma in Geriatric Pharmacy from the University of Denver, Colorado. I’m also a Certified Health and Wellness Trainer (Center for Optimum Health, Buena Park, Calif.) and a Certified Natural Products Health Adviser (NPHA) and Certified Natural Sports Nutrition Adviser (NSHA) both through the Alive Academy, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I am a Body Energy Systems Specialist (Innovative Health Institute, Phoenix, Ariz.) and completed a Pharmacy Structured Learning Update, through the University of British Columbia earlier this year. I really believe in being a life-long learner and actively studying new technology and medical advances—it’s an exciting field and there is always so much progress happening!

Vísi: Impressive! We’re honored to have you. And yet, to talk to you, it’s clear that much of your commitment to Vísi and natural wellness come through personal experience, not just professional accomplishments. What’s at the heart of your motivation?

Alan: Like a lot of people, my life path was shaped by a health crisis. At 30, I was working my dream job running my own independent drug store. I had a beautiful wife, two wonderful children and my business was expanding…and then, I was hit with a mystery illness. I was bedridden, and soon was taking many medications just to get through the day. I knew I needed to make a change—I needed to find a different way to earn an income and to regain my health.

Through this trial, two key things happened: First, I was introduced to network marketing. I was open and looking for new ways to work smarter, not harder, and it was a great fit. Secondly, as I battled poor health, I furthered my study into amino acids and proteins. I discovered that several amino acids, proteins, and peptides (that were not front and center in the medical community) were vital to healing, health, and vitality. Both of these helped prepare me for a great experience with Vísi.

Vísi: You’ve been on both sides of the story—struggling patient and health care advocate. What’s your perspective on the greatest health crisis facing society right now? More importantly, what can we do about it?

Alan: From my view, I would say that protein deficiency, either through non absorption, poor diet or other causes is a significant factor to the health crisis facing society today. If you look, we’ve had vitamin and mineral supplements for years. We’ve consumed anti-oxidants by the bottle. We’ve exercised. We’ve sweat. We’ve dieted…and illnesses continue to rise at a stunning rate. We are not getting to the root cause of illness and I strongly believe that will be found in the “building blocks of life”: amino acids, peptides and polypeptides!

That’s why I chose Vísi! It’s a company with innovative products like Probíta and Nufínna that can raise the body’s amino acid profile and supply the supporting cast of ingredients to add vitality and longevity to life.* Not surprisingly, my major goal while serving on the board will be to assist in bringing these products to life—everyone’s life!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products menetioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Congratulations to Our Newly Promoted Vísi Team Members!

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Our Vísi corporate family continues to grow and as we add new team members, it gives us an opportunity to promote star players.

Brittani 2

Join us in congratulating two incredible employees on their recent promotions: Brittani Lambert is now the Director of Marketing and Events and Brandon Smith has been promoted to Director of Leadership Development.

Brittani has been with Vísi since April 2013 and is an all-around athlete, delivering incredible social media support, winning events, targeted recognition and more.

Brandon joined Vísi in October 2012 and has unparalleled knowledge of the performance plan and tireless energy for supporting Partners—he’s the voice of Vísi to many!


Thanks to Brittani and Brandon for your contributions in helping Vísi get a little better every day!



Weekly Corporate Update – October 9, 2014

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Sun Never Sets Promotion Will Make Your Business Shine

We’re announcing an unbelievable new promotion running October 4-October 31—consider it the longest week ever—for you to score double-down payouts on our Rising Sun bonus, plus free product for your new Partners and even an exclusive skin care sample product for you. Find out why the Sun Never Sets in October on our Rising Sun bonus!

The details:

  • What to do: sponsor three new Visi partners anytime between October 4-31 on a 1000 PV pack. That’s right—not just in a week’s time, but over four full weeks, giving you plenty of time to build your team.
  • The cash you expect: For recruiting three new Partners in our “long 28-day week,” you’ll trigger the Rising Sun bonus. This means you’ll get the $200 Sponsor Pack bonus, plus the $100 Rising Sun bonus for each of the three new Partners—that’s $900 cash.
  • The bonus cash you’ll get: What makes this sun shine more brightly is that we’re doubling the Rising Sun bonus during the campaign, so instead of getting $300 ($100 for each qualified Partner’s 1000 PV pack), you’ll get $600 ($200 for each). This means that you can receive $1,200 cash for just adding three qualifying Partners in October! (Note that there is a maximum of 9 Partners you can add, in groups of 3, to trigger bonus cash during the campaign).
  • The skin care sample you crave: When you sponsor a minimum of three new Partners on 1000 PV packs during the qualifying period, you’ll also get ONE 1-oz. sample of our skin care cream. This campaign is the only way all Partners can get this in-demand, fantastic product before our Partner Preview in February. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it for yourself now! There is a limit of one skin care cream sample per Partner, regardless of your recruiting activity. Samples will be shipped in early November.
  • What’s in it for your new Partner? There’s so much to share with everyone! We’ve developed a NEW Break Through pack that will be available through convention that includes:

o   4 bottles Vínnle
o   4 bags Nufínna
o   2 bags Probíta – Chocolate
o   2 bags Probíta – Lingonberry
o   4 bottles Rensa
o   2 cartons Wellness
o   2 cartons Energy
o   8 cartons 10/2 & a Chew
o   1 carton Nufínna On The Go (only included during the promotional timeframe)

The Break Through pack is priced at $1,199.99/1000 PV and, of course, by signing up for this 1000 PV pack, they’ll also receive 20% Dual Team Commissions for 24 weeks to jump-start their business success. This pack has been created to give new Partners plenty to sell and share to start making money immediately—it easily makes four easy-to-sell “Body Sculpt Packs” (one each Nufínna, Probíta, Rensa, Vínnle, your new Partner can price and resell), plus plenty of easy-to-sample products remaining to build their business. They can quickly recoup their investment, start new customers on the Vísi lifestyle health plan, and introduce many new people to Vísi through sampling. When a new Partner takes the Break Through pack during this promotion, they’ll save more than $480 off wholesale product prices!

See why the Sun Never Sets in October and how this incredible promotion can set your business alight! Note that we’ll be releasing promotional flyers next week, posting ongoing information to the BetterWithVisi blog, as well as  posting details on the IAmVisi Facebook page. Additionally we will be sharing the recorded training call as well as conduct weekly trainings to maximize your success with this promotion.

Available for all markets except for Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong


Skin Care Partner Preview Details and Flyer Now Available

Ready, set, glow! The new skin care product will have faces glowing and businesses growing. Build your teams NOW to capture the chance to buy this beautifully-packaged, incredibly unique and proprietary product before it’s launched at Convention. It’s called the Partner Preview and you can qualify now through January 16, 2015 to buy select packages of the skin care product on a Partner Preview order in late January. It’s a one-time, one-order-per-Partnership offer, so don’t miss out! Read, download, and share with everyone the flyer with all the Partner Preview details to ensure you get all the product you need to glow and grow! See the new flyer in the Online Office under > Library >  Marketing and Flyers > Partner Preview.

Vote for Vísi!

We want your voice, we need your vote! Each year, Business For Home polls Facebook users for their take on the Top Direct Selling Companies in the World. The 2015 poll is live now! Spread the word and promote  Vísi on that list! Voting is simple; you only need a Facebook account. Share the link below with your family, friends, team members, and prospects so we can grow the vision of Vísi! To vote, click on the link, scroll to the bottom of the page, select “Visi” from the scroll down menu, and hit the red “VOTE” button. Easy! Click and share here:


Early Bird registration for our Break Through Convention begins Saturday, October 11 and we are kicking it off with your chance to earn free Convention registration!

Every Vísi Partner who has a minimum of 10 personally sponsored Partners who register for Convention between October 11 and December 31, will have their Convention registration cost 100% refunded!

You already know it’s the party and training event of the year, and you’ll definitely want your friends and team members THERE. Why not be there for free? Refunded registrations are awarded at one (1) per qualified Partner/Partnership account and will be processed in mid-January.

And remember, although this promotion doesn’t begin until Saturday, you still have through tomorrow, Friday, October 10, to take advantage of Blitz pricing. Beginning Saturday, the Early Bird pricing window opens at $119 per registration with an awesome incentive to boot!


Planning your days in the sun will be even easier with our Escape To Paradise points reporting, coming in early November. Keep working your plan through October and this helpful scoreboard will be online shortly to support your escape!



Vísi Welcomes Ben Riley as Vice President of Leadership Development

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Ben Riley Edited

Heard the news? Vísi has welcomed another top leader to the executive team to support our rapid growth! If you attended the recent Premier Summit or joined our corporate call on September 30, you had the chance to meet Ben Riley, our new Vice President of Leadership Development.

Ben comes to Vísi with more than 14 years of progressive executive experience in network marketing, including senior roles in 4Life Research, Melaleuca, and most recently Avon, where he led the Australia and New Zealand markets.

As important as Ben’s qualifications? His enthusiasm and commitment to our future—“I chose Vísi intentionally because the potential is clear. Our products, our people…everything is aligned perfectly for explosive opportunity. I knew the time to be here was right now.”

You’ll be meeting Ben in upcoming events, on social media, calls, and much more. Learn more about Ben in the article posted by “Business For Home” here.



Cancun 2015 Incentive Trip Website is Live!

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Our newest incentive trip was recently announced—picture yourself at the beautiful Cancun Paradisus Resort in July, and start working for this incredible escape NOW!

Our trip website just went live, and is chock full of details about how you can qualify, different earning levels, the beautiful resort and much more.

Visit it at: to plan your escape. We’ll see you in Cancun!



Weekly Corporate Update – October 3, 2014

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Skin Care Sneak Peek

Attendees at Premier Summit in September were treated to an early look at an exciting new skin care product that will elevate and expand your business.

Co-Founder and COO Ryan Lewis unveiled the product as a “rejuvenating skin cream” with brand name, pricing and PV to be announced later. The product will be officially launched at Convention 2015, and will be available via a Partner Preview program beginning in February 2015 (see next story). The product delivers on the AC2 Technology promise—the better blend of Arctic Cloudberry and hydrolyzed collagen protein that gives users results.

“It’s a natural fit for Vísi,” says Ryan, “because cloudberry has long been embraced in skin care. It’s a proven ingredient with real results, both immediate cosmetic benefits and longer-term therapeutic benefits. Add in the power of hydrolyzed collagen to fight the signs of aging and environment, and you have a unique and powerful product.”

Look forward to more information on skin care from Vísi and build your teams now so that you’re positioned to capture all the business buzz from this important new product!


What Is A Partner Preview?

It’s a revolutionary way to introduce products and build your business! The Vísi Partner Preview is a program that will help you order products BEFORE they are launched. By previewing a product, you can use the product yourself, build business buzz about what’s coming, and grow your team so that when a product is officially orderable, you’ll have significant momentum advantage.

We’ll be using a Partner Preview for our new skin care product, and it means you’ll want to qualify NOW to be eligible to order. There will be different packages available, with greater quantities of preview product available to those who achieve higher pay ranks.

Qualification is as simple as hitting pay rank for Arctic Star, Arctic 4 Star or Arctic Premier between September 27, 2014-January 16, 2015. (Different packages will be available for each of these ranks.)

More details will be forthcoming about shipping and packages, but now is the time to ensure you qualify to participate in the Partner Preview for this incredible new product!

141003-Vision-ConventionConvention 2015 Registration Opens

It’s coming and the time to register for this can’t-miss event is now! Our registration blitz ends October 10, 2014, and so does our lowest possible registration price.

For complete details on dates, venue, and more, visit the registration site at:

Prepare to Break Through to the next level of success with Vísi by registering for Convention today!


Cancun 2015 Incentive Trip—Qualifying Period Live!

Ready to escape to paradise? The qualifying period for the latest incredible Vísi vacation just began on September 27, 2014 and will run 32 weeks, through May 8, 2015.

Think white beaches, jungle adventures, sun-soaked afternoons, and incredible dining along with your Vísi family and a four-star resort property. Plan your escape now by downloading the Cancun Incentive Trip flyer at

The incentive trip website will be live next week, so watch the corporate blog for more information!

141003-Vision-NufinnaPacksNufínna On The Go Available Now

Snag your 10-serving pack of fantastic Nufínna, perfect for sampling to your prospective partners or taking wherever you go.

Packs are $44.99 retail, available at $34.99 wholesale (25 PV). You’ll also want to check out the new sample card you can print at your favorite photo processor, customize, and attach to every sample you share. The card is a 4”x6” jpg, so it prints just like any photo—fast and affordable. Find the card in Online Office under Library > Nufínna > Nufínna Sample Card.



Powerful Protein To Go—It’s Here!

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Product_NufinnaOnTheGoYou already know that Nufínna is packed with protein. And as of today, YOU can pack it with ease!

Nufínna On The Go 10-serving packs are now available at a retail value of $44.99, with wholesale pricing for Partners and Preferred Customers at $34.99 (25 PV). It’s a great addition to the Vísi product line—so easy to share, so easy to use, no matter where your busy life takes you.

Want to sample Nufínna On The Go? Use our new 4”x6” sample card, available in your Online Office under Library > Nufínna > Nufínna Sample Card. The file is a jpg, so you can send it to your favorite photo processor, just like any photo—and print them fast and affordably. Just add your contact information, attach to a Nufínna On The Go serving, and you’re ready to share.

Each single-serving packet delivers Vísi’s exclusive AC2 technology—the better blend of protein and arctic cloudberry. Just pour it, mix it, and drink it for 12 grams of quality hydrolyzed collagen protein, more absorptive than whey, soy, or pea proteins. Plus, you get all the anti-oxidant and vitamin boost from arctic cloudberry, too.

Whether you’re sampling Nufínna On The Go to those new to Vísi, or just tossing one in your bag for later, you’ll love the convenience of powerful protein that goes everywhere you do!



New VP of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt Featured on Business for Home Website

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KWheadshotVísi recently expanded its executive team with the addition of Vice President of Marketing Kristine Widtfeldt. Kristine comes to Vísi with a wealth of experience in the direct sales industry and is a key mover in Vísi’s future plans and recent roll out of the direction for Vísi 2.0.

The news of this important expansion to the executive team is featured on the Business for Home website. To read the article, please follow this link: