2 a Day/10 in Play Duplication System Announced

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Vísi has announced an innovative and revolutionary new duplication system that gives every Vísi Partner a path to follow, no matter how new or old they are to the company. Every Vísi Partner will be telling the same story and will build their business the same way. It’s called 2 a Day/10 in Play and here’s how it works:

*Share a 10/2 and a Chew Pack with two people every day, 5 days a week
*This gives you 10 people in play to follow-up with at all times
*Do this 4 weeks a month and you will have 40 prospects in play every month
*Share this system with your prospects and teach them to do the same

It’s simple. Be a product of the product with 10/2 and a Chew and build your business with the 2 a Day/10 in Play duplication system. 10 and 2. 2 and 10. It’s just like driving, and it can accelerate your business to a level of success you never imagined! #betterwithvisi #visifriendzy


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